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Synonyms for marvelous

Synonyms for marvelous

too improbable to admit of belief

being or having the character of a miracle

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2) Taking extant research on the subject as a starting point, this essay considers the role of optic technology in a context where its presence has been largely unexplored: the poetic discourse of the marvelous (das Wunderbare), which was so important not only for Breitinger but for eighteenth-century poetics in general.
The author of this literature study coins the term odiasporic marvelous realismo to describe contemporary works that include supernatural and magical elements from a diasporic perspective.
com)-- Marvelous Products[R], together with Nutra Paws[TM], is proud to announce several improvements to Benecoat[TM] Fish Oil for Dogs.
Over 4000 marvelous pictures of Shaheed Bhutto with his family members had been displayed in the exhibition, arranged by the personal photographer of Bhutto family Agha Feroze from Karachi.
Quaver's Marvelous World of Music Ultimate Box Set, DVDs with Teacher Guides.
ROALD Dahl's comic masterpiece, George's Marvelous Medicine is coming to the Floral Pavilion.
Summary: Paris, June 02, 2010, SPA -- Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, President of the Tourism and Antiquities Authority, inspected here today the "Kingdom&'s Marvelous Masterpieces and Antiquities 2010 exhibition" scheduled to be opened in Paris in mid-July and lasts in the end of September.
Extraordinary Ernie and Marvelous Maud" is a humorous chapter paperback about a dynamic duo of unlikely superheroes, a boy and his favorite sheep.
MARVELOUS MELBA: THE EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF A GREAT DIVA offers a fine survey of opera's first international star, and is based on research in three continents.
2 : of the finest kind or quality <a marvelous dinner>
23 on the BE INDUSTRIAL/SERVICE 100 list with $220 million in sales) in Herndon, Virginia, purchased Marvelous Markets, a gourmet food specialty chain for an undisclosed price.
The third exciting anthology of poetry from award winning poet Greg Williamson, "A Most Marvelous Piece of Luck" is here.
Tom Tate has booked Ioritz Mendizabal for the nine-year-old in the Group 2 Prix du Palais Royal, in which he will be joined by compatriots Captain Marvelous and the ex-French Garnica.
BOYLSTON - The great songwriter Johnny Mercer may have been too marvelous for words, but Calliope Theatre's "Too Marvelous for Words," a reasonably pleasant musical revue of many of his greatest hits, didn't exactly warrant that sort of soaring acclamation on Thursday night.
Favorites 'cuts' include, "Running Horse", a marvelous track entitled, "My Love" and the colorful Button/Hicks composition, "The Irish in Me".