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Synonyms for marshland

a usually low-lying area of soft waterlogged ground and standing water

Synonyms for marshland

low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation

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The project will prevent the discharge of 19 billion gallons of treated sewage into the warm, shallow Western Bays each year, eliminating harmful nitrogen pollution to jump start the rejuvenation of vital marshlands that protect communities from waves and storm surge.
The rebels were withdrawing to the marshland in Maguindanao when they chanced upon the civilians in Barangay Simsiman, he added.
We crashed together in a scene of utter carnage next to the school pond, slap band in the middle of the marshland.
Marshland ('La Isla ME[degrees]nima', 2014, 18+) is set in 1980 in a remote town of the Spanish Deep South.
Larry Muller was born in Freeport, and his family has owned a bay house on the nearby marshlands since the 1950s.
However, the construction of the luxury dock divided scientists, because of the proximity of the Studencista marshland regarded as a natural reserve.
Acana said the targeted coastal areas that will be planted with propagules are the villages of Sacol Island in Taluksangay - with a marsh area of about 1,000 hectares, and Landang Gua - with about 800 hectares of marshland.
Crews from Roath in Cardiff and Malpas in Newport were called back to marshland at Wentloog after another horse got stuck in a reen on the land yesterday morning.
Natural Resources Wales (NRW) hopes this will re-connect springwater to the marshland and prevent it from running into old drainage systems.
A BLAZE which spread rapidly across marshland on the Wirral peninsula was today being blamed on youths.
The site, which is owned by the Essex Wildlife Trust, is one of the last remaining areas of marshland in the county.
REDCAR: A marshland clean-up by clued-up kids is to get a civic seal of approval.
Udham Singh Nagar, Dec 7 (ANI): Bird lovers flocked to Haripura Water Park in Udham Singh Nagar District of Uttarakhand as hundreds of migratory birds from abroad took over the marshland.
The buffalo are used by the trust to manage the marshland around the Welsh Wildlife Centre as they are well suited to wet conditions and help open up new ponds and manage back vegetation.
Manila Residents and government officials have called for immediate studies to locate giant crocodiles in the 96,000-hectare marshland in the southern Philippines, following estimates that some 5,000 of them are thriving there, the government news agency said.