marsh mallow

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European perennial plant naturalized in United States having triangular ovate leaves and lilac-pink flowers

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SWAMP DWELLER I was a swamp dweller once, crouched low in peat water and duckweed, stepping slowly from muck to muck, a transparent eyeball seeking the sights of frog eye and newt tail, marsh mallow and turtle shell.
Did you know that marshmallows originally were made from the root sap of the marsh mallow, a swamp plant, and that it could serve as a fine laxative?
Last June I heard the odd call of a bittern here; sightings of muskrats, marsh mallow, herons and bald eagles are also possible.
Lavender, mints, sages, chamomile, thymes, calendula, hops, parsley, basil, rosemary, roses, savory catnip, strawberry leaves, marsh mallow, bay, verbena, comfrey.
Has: columbine, double hollyhocks, marguerite, purple cone flower, foxglove tansy, purple beebalm, yellow cone flower, chives, garlic, marsh mallow, lavender, flowering crab trees, orange asclepias, shasta daisy, marguerite, sunflower, pink phlox, hyssop, elder berry, orange trumpet, vine, holly, highbush, cranberry, Rose of Sharon--pink, coreopsis, lily of valley, Jacob's ladder, cinnamon fern, night shade, and more with time
He then lip-locked the famous model and added: "It's like kissing a marsh mallow - soft and sweet.
58 (480m): Jason's Belle, Marsh Mallow, Mecca's Luck, Blacktrench Daw, Cover Craig, Goldrush Mazie (W).
You''d be better off with a marsh mallow in an earthquake.