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a bone containing edible marrow

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The trailer for Marrowbone is cut fast and scored for maximum dread.
Marrowbone isn't very scary, though that's not necessarily fatal.
There are fleeting pleasures in between the missteps and plot-holes of Marrowbone -- but mostly it's just missteps and plot-holes.
Maybe marrowbones and champagne with cigars really were just the ticket for old Winnie.
Favorite delicacies include roast bison marrowbones, bison tongue, and bison Rocky Mountain oysters, the dainty name for testicles.
77 The role of the salt-box ladles and tongs in Aqua Triumphalis is ambiguous, but their use to accompany the drolls seems likely since they were 'used in burlesque music in the same way as marrowbones, combs, etc.
3 marrowbones, cut into 8-inch lengths, split lengthwise
A line-up of national and local folk music artists who specialise in performing both contemporary and traditional have been booked, including Martin Carthy, Chris While and Julie Matthews, Harvey Andrews, Jez Lowe, Les Barker, Keith Donnelly, Anthony John Clarke, Johnny Silvo, Tom Topping Band, Fiona Simpson, John O'Connell, Full House, American Zoe Mulford, Joe Topping, Colin Henderson, Phil Chisnall, Vocal Point, Alison Parker & the Third Man, The Shellback Chorus and The Marrowbones.
The instruments represented range from the conventional bassoon, flute, harp, harpsichord, lute, lyre, organ, oboe, trumpet, and violin, to the more humble (and even improvised) bagpipe, bladder and string, hurdy-gurdy, jew's harp, marrowbones and cleaver, and salt box--some of these last used less in conventional than in rough music.