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a bone containing edible marrow

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Marrowbone Thu-Sat 9:45pm, 12:10am Paddington 2 Thu-Sat 9:30am, 10:45am, 11:50am, 2:10pm, 3:55pm, 5:45pm, 8:05pm, 9:00pm NEW
46) Marrowbone interpreted the eucharist as a gift from God brought through the "white people.
The company had previously disclosed in its annual report that there was no assurance that the ongoing discussions following the expiration of the exclusivity period for the acquisition of the Marrowbone mine would result in agreement for the acquisition of such mine or if such agreement was reached, whether the company would be able to finance any such acquisition.
And a spell as a giant, make-shift marrowbone at the police dog training school in Bridgend - or "101 Dalmatians on Stella Artois" as Rhod called it - did nothing to boost his confidence about his aptitude for law enforcement.
Under the agreement, Shell would get Marrowbone, Wolf Creek and Pike County Resource Groups, along with Massey's Atlantic Coast coal terminals in Newport News, Va.
Available in a selection of flavours, the products contain either fish oil to encourage supple joints, marrowbone to help develop healthy bones, or wholegrain & taurine for a healthy heart.
I had a terrific steak with marrowbone sauce and a plate of the very newest baby asparagus with a soft-boiled pheasant egg which I think was a first for me.
Uno de los personajes, Loyal Ledford, trabaja en la fundidora y corteja a Rachel Marrowbone, hija del dueno, una enfermera a la que contratan los vecinos para cuidar a sus parientes enfermos.
Highlights of his career include; - Mr Palm played a lead role in the feasibility and construction of one of the most recent large underground coal mines in the western United States; - Vice President and General Manager of several coal mines including Star Point, Illinois Operations, and Orchard Valley with Cyprus Amax Minerals Company in the United States; - General Manager of Mining Operations for Wolf Creek Collieries, Marrowbone, and Kermit Coal with Zeigler Coal Holding Company; - President and Chief Operating Officer for the Shrewsbury Coal Co and Donaldson Mine Company, operations owned by the Valley Camp Coal Company.
His leg practically twitched when a stentorian voice thundered in his ear a demand to see the marrowbone he had ordered "an hour ago.
Not to be deprived of the customary marrowbone, this was presented with a splash of creamy mashed potato poured into it.
Words to the poet are like the marrowbone to the Rabelaisian dog.
Rose McNamara, a Cumann na mBan captain who successfully managed the food supply for the Marrowbone Lane Distillery garrison, recorded that only on Friday, four days after the start of the rebellion, was she 'brought up to the firing line to see two of the enemy soldiers lying dead--on top of one another--outside.
Chiltern Railways is a wholly owned subsidiary of John Laing plc, operating between Marrowbone in London and the West Midlands.
The little girl slipped in Marrowbone Millennium Park when scramblers raced by.