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When the first camera bill was taken to the House for approval deputies raised all type of objections, the most imaginative being that a married person could be photographed in a car with someone they were having an illicit affair with.
The researchers matched each participant who had separated or divorced during the study to a continuously married person in the study who had the same propensity to divorce, based on a number of previously identified factors.
For example, a never-married person who lists his or her health as "excellent" is two times more likely to die within three years than a similar married person in excellent health, but the new finding is that, as self-rated health declines (from excellent down to poor), the mortality advantage for married people diminishes.
The central questions Martin faces are: How does an adult, a married person and a parent himself, tackle the emotional and logistical fallout from the destruction of his parents' long marriage and revelations about one parent's secret life?
If a married person were to tell me he or she had never felt attracted to a member of the opposite sex or someone said he or she had never been tempted to cheat or lie, I would find it difficult to believe
As a married person myself, I don't know what it's like to be told I can't marry somebody I love, and want to marry," she tells the (http://www.
Under English law adultery is defined as "voluntary sexual intercourse between a married person and another person who is not their married spouse" and is grounds for divorce.
Although there is no law saying a worker should give 80 per cent of his earnings to a spouse, Philippine law mandates that beneficiaries of a married person include true spouses, children, parents and siblings.
We're looking for reactions from the following: A married person with children A single parent A single person without children A retired person A benefit claimant The owner of a business with more than 100 employees The owner of a business with fewer than 100 employees A council worker A teacher or head teacher A self-employed person You'll be asked to spare a few minutes talking to one of our reporters on the day.
A recent survey claims one married person in five is in love with someone else, although only 16 per cent took it any further.
Shenouda explained that if a single person sins he or she is forgiven but when a married person sins he or she is not and thus not allowed to remarry.
Iqbal said that he was a married person and could not even think about committing such an un-Islamic and unlawful act, adding that his father and son-in-law were also present in the birthday function.
A married person filing a separate return could not convert at all.
If a married person dies without any children then the spouse receives up to pounds 450,000 plus personal possessions.