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a prenuptial agreement or contract

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It prohibited the practice of forced dowry -- if a man's family willingly makes a marriage settlement to their future daughter-in-law then the custom is allowed.
Over Ken Paxton's objection, judge OKs gay marriage settlement, Austin American-Statesman
Written in Latin on parchment, it describes the granting of Teesdale Forest, in County Durham, to a local man called Henry fitz Hervey whose marriage settlement will also be on show with other medieval records including an early map of Durham.
The couple with Lliwen's | in November last year Lliwen applied for a UK marriage settlement visa.
Judge Paul Kelly heard Sheerin was interviewed by inspectors on November 21, 2012, where she admitted to having the money as a result of a marriage settlement and that she realised she should have submitted this information.
A marriage settlement of 1 million rupees was agreed upon in the nikah ceremony.
Central to Berenguela's influence was her control of property, particularly the thirty castles in the Tierra de Campos granted as her marriage settlement by her husband, King Alphonso IX of Leon.
Listening to both spouses, answering their questions about their rights and the process of reaching an agreeable marriage settlement agreement (MSA) can be hastened with a complimentary introductory session,” the experienced mediator said.
Pursuant to a marriage settlement agreement (the "MSA"), the decedent was required to purchase life insurance in order to secure his child support and alimony obligations.
Marriage Settlement Agreement--Can the marriage settlement agreement in a divorce proceeding set forth a standalone, binding agreement between the parties to govern these issues even before the final judgment is entered or in the absence of a final judgment?
Yet, it is manifest that, prior to the change in the law in 1834 when married women were permitted to own property provided it was for their 'sole and separate use', the attraction of the strict marriage settlement system to the prevailing patriarchal order was that it enhanced male control of land, and indeed of the family.
As Ian McBride recounts in one of the most amusing sections of this book, one young man grew increasingly frustrated by the trustees of his marriage settlement who kept delaying "my taking possession of the charming Phoebe.
Unless modified by a marriage settlement of some kind, the legal and economic restrictions entailed by the status of feme covert in the United States remained essentially unchanged until the passage by individual states of married women's property acts, a process that began in Mississippi in 1839 and continued on a state-by-state basis throughout the mid-nineteenth century (Basch 27-28).
In scene one, entitled The Marriage Settlement, his father, the gout- and debt-ridden Earl Squander, proudly displays his family tree, while the myopic alderman peers bespectacled at the marriage documents.
The paper uses a reading of a number of novels by the English author Anthony Trollope to explore the impact of primogeniture, entail, and the marriage settlement on the relationship between men and women and the extent to which women were involved in the ownership, transmission, and management of property in England in the mid-19th century.