marriage licence

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a license authorizing two people to marry

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Defendant Green issues marriage licences to individuals who selfidentify as homosexual but he refuses to issue marriage licences to zoophiles, machinists and polygamists on a basis that can only be described as procedurally arbitrary," the complaint states.
Two same-sex Philippine couples applied for marriage licences Monday in a first for the conservative Catholic nation, but were promptly rejected by the government.
The clerk denied my request for a marriage licence .
The Hollywood couple, who were said to be engaged last year but never confirmed it publicly, were recently seen at the Beverly Hills City marriage licence office.
I don''t know whether it still applies, but a stupid anomaly was that the registrar had to get the marriage licence from the post office, at the counter where it said Licences: dogs, wirelesses etc.
Which former Baywatch star has been granted a marriage licence in Las Vegas?
Name the former Baywatch star granted a marriage licence in Las Vegas?