marriage contract

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a prenuptial agreement or contract

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It is the first time that such a large corpus of medieval marriage contracts and divorce deeds has been published, surpassing by far any of the scattered, piecemeal publications of marriage and divorce deeds that were previously our sole window to the legal praxis of family life in the Middle Ages.
The draft law proposes that the marriage is necessary for mutual voluntary consent of a man and a woman; marrying, they reach the consent and the sign a marriage contract.
Myriam and Badih submitted their civil marriage contract to the Interior Ministry in July following a civil ceremony that they held in the groom's family home.
The commission, for instance, has postponed articles 26, 33, 42, and 48 on the exceptional contribution to the funding of the State budget as well as the tax stamp of the marriage contract, she said.
They signed a marriage contract but then, to the newlywed husband's shock, his bride asked for a divorce two weeks before the wedding ceremony.
A couple that wanted to reunite following their divorce have had their new marriage contract rejected.
Those fateful words convinced a state Supreme Court judge that the ring was no longer involved in a marriage contract, but was now a ''parting gift.
The period of eligibility for the bank s marriage loan is set at 12 months from the date of the applicant s marriage contract, while the period between the two loans has been decreased from three to one year.
It is a private and verbal marriage contract between a man and an unmarried woman.
Many marriages have been delayed in Saudi Arabia because some local courts have run out of marriage contract papers, says a report in the Arab News.
A new controversial form of marriage contract was recently added to the list, in accordance with a fatwa, which was not accredited by anybody, the jihad marriage (nikah al-jihad), open only to jihadists in action.
As is common in conservative parts of the Arab world, he says the marriage contract stipulated she was a virgin at the time of their wedding.
It is therefore extremely important that both would- be wife and husband are screened and their thalassaemic status is mentioned in their marriage contract (nikahnama)," said Dr.
NNA - Charbel's signing of the first civil marriage contract, contravenes the Lebanese Constitution, the Higher Body of Muslim Scholars stated today.
It also acknowledged that she had made false statements 'with the help of her father, in the couple's marriage contract - stating that she had never been married or had sex,' according to press reports.