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Synonyms for marque



Synonyms for marque

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Il y a des acheteurs qui choisissent consciemment une marque francaise et il y a ceux qui choisissent consciemment une marque allemande", a-t-il declare.
DAaAaAeAa[c la marque veut cibler les jeunes femmes de 18 AaAaAeAaAaAeAeA 44 ans, une catAaAaAeAa[c de consommatrices aujourd'hui plus averties et avides de nouveautAaAaAeAa[c] nouveau packaging, gamme plus AaAaAeAa[c]toffAaAaAeAa[c]e et des prix toujours aussi agres
This year, it feels like we're redoing last year," said Flo Adkins, principal of La Marque Middle School, as parents queued up around her to pick up their kids' new building assignments Thursday evening.
I READ Tonessa Makepeace's letter on June 12 but sadly what she says about Coventry marques being relegated to the sidelines at MotoFest is symptomatic of the way they are being forgotten, with the notable exception of Jaguar.
Cell Marque designs, creates and produces antibody reagents and kits, which will support Sigma-Aldrich's IHC offering, comprising antibodies and IHC staining kits.
The in vitro diagnostics antibody product portfolio built by Cell Marque and its relationships with clinicians will provide Sigma-Aldrich with a wider diagnostic health reach, said Sigma-Aldrich applied business unit president Frank Wicks PhD.
La marque Volkswagen est 2eme du marche avec 9,56% de parts de marche
La marque Renault s'est maintenue, quant a elle, comme deuxieme marque sur le marche avec 16,7% de part de marche et 1.
The data used for this study were gleaned from many different sources, the most useful being encyclopedias of British motorcycle marques that give information on when a marque was started, when it ended, the various motorcycle offerings through the years, and a short history of the company and key individuals.
The scheme is run by independent body Cask Marque Trust and member pubs are visited twice a year by independent assessors.
affiliates, has acquired a 180-ft ship, the Archangel Michael, a blue water armed vessel to enable Marque Star and its partners to deliver value to its maritime clients.
Marque energy is defined as the energy that flows throughout the system that links businesses and all their stakeholders and which is manifested in the way these stakeholders think, feel and behave towards the business and its products or services.
To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water.
Peter Drummond, landlord at The Falcons Nest on Rotary Way, Gosforth, has been given the accolade by the Cask Marque Trust for excellence.
A regional guide incorporating more than 210 different pubs in Yorkshire has been published this week by real ale quality assessor Cask Marque.