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Synonyms for marmorean

of or relating to or characteristic of marble


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Margaret Farrand Thorp, "The White, Marmorean Flock," The New England Quarterly, v.
She worked at the edge of the white marmorean flock, a group of American women sculptors who descended on Rome to practice their art.
Harriet Hosmer, a leading woman sculptor in the coterie which Henry James referred to as 'The White Marmorean Flock' wrote,
5) Patricia Cronin, Memorial to a Marriage (Woodlawn Cemetery, New York) Henry James might wince, were he to see this pathbreaking update to what he called "the white, marmorean flock.
Early in the text, the reader's attention is directed to the "white marmorean flock" of American expatriate women artists who lived and worked in Rome during the mid-nineteenth century.