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of or relating to or characteristic of marble


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That almost marmoreal inviolability of the ballad as traditionally sung subdues insinuations and forbids intimacy.
En ceci "L'Abeille" exploite notamment la temporalite du deroulement de la lecture pour creer une attente, une difference qui, justement, est aussi thematisee par le sonnet: "Delaying the point means that the form remains open, that each verse, however marmoreal, is merely a step; yet the brevity and concentration of the sonnet form make the stopped character of each line only too obvious" (p.
That is, silent, unvoiced words were understood to create relationships among each other which constantly changed, while the "visual" and intellectual resources that could be gleaned from that relentless play remained fixed and marmoreal.
If elite culture is a monolith in the imaginary of popular culture, it is precisely like those marble monuments Shakespeare's sonnets invoke, only to supersede them: as mute and inexpressive as its marmoreal counterpart, the popular staging of elite culture is always reducible to conventional gestures, to a set of practices that never, it seems, need to be interrogated as to their accuracy at any moment of their conjuration.
Marmoreal Olympus: Jose Enrique Rodo and Spanish American Nationalism Cambridge: Centre of Latin American Studies, University of Cambridge, Working Papers No.
203) The second reason is more purposive: 'By acting on the basis of his own counter-doctrine, the dissident may imagine that he is preventing the official position from settling into a marmoreal hardness that will defy future displacement.
Then off to my bathroom, to use a select few of its myriad marmoreal facilities.
The last pre-Lechter collection, the Books of Eclogues and Eulogies of Legends and Songs and of the Hanging Gardens (1985), forms a transition to George's ripe manner, with the sense of structure and finish--the melodious or marmoreal falling into place of verse after verse--not yet fully achieved.
Each portrait is made to look different from the others: one depicts her as she appeared just this morning, at sunrise, emerging from a dream-racked sleep; another depicts her in the throes of love, just last night or maybe more than a decade ago; another depicts her as an anonymous child of three; and yet another depicts her as a marmoreal corpse, lying in a garlanded and perfumed coffin, awaiting our final nods of respect.
Kubrick was all about making marmoreal masterworks, not pleasing mortals with morsels of wish-fulfillment fantasy.
It's also not a little sluggish, marmoreal, perhaps even lethargic.
13) While Rousseau's reworking of the myth focuses on the sculptor and his emotions, Mme de Genlis examines the statue's perceptions and reactions after having emerged from her marmoreal state.
This Jonson will not fit with the marmoreal image of Jonson the Classicist which some casual readers of the poet mistakenly hold.
James and Eliot linger in our minds as they were in their seniority, grave, oracular, marmoreal.
Sherman joins hands with Abraham, Christ, and archeologists to transform and resculpt marmoreal history.