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soup cooked in a large pot

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a large pot especially one with legs used e

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The B12 added to Marmite makes it even more effective, said the team at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.
Marmite was pulled from the chain's website when Unilever demanded it impose a 10 per cent price increase after sterling dipped over Brexit jitters.
Supermarket rivals Asda and Morrisons put up their own Marmite prices last year, but Tesco had resisted any increases from Unilever until this week.
Dr Daniel Baker, lecturer in the university's Department of Psychology and senior author of the paper, said: "The high concentration of Vitamin B12 in Marmite is likely to be the primary factor behind results showing a significant reduction in participants' responsiveness to visual stimuli.
A 250g jar of Marmite will now set a Morrisons shopper back PS2.
Often, Marmite and roasted beetroot are the only things getting me through the day.
However, last night Unilever confirmed the "supply situation" with Tesco involving the price of Marmite and other products had been "successfully resolved" and that the items were "once again fully available".
Marmite producers Unilever wanted to slap 10 per cent on to the cost of a host of well-known brands - including the famous yeast spread.
Geoff explained how Marmite the Red tailed Boa Constrictor had been dumped in a cardboard box in Nuneaton's Pingles Park which is only a few yards away from the cadet headquarters on the Ribbon-fields.
WHO Wants To Be A Millionaire winner Dawn Harkins used to hate Marmite.
And that's certainly the case for Dudley Zoo tigers Tschuna and Daseep, who have been treated to savoury snack Marmite.
Summary: New Zealand is suffering a drastic shortage of Marmite, with 250g jars fetching upwards of 2,000NZD (Au1,028).
The manufacturer of Marmite says its supplies of the yeast-extract product ran out this week, four months after earthquakes forced it to close the only factory that made New Zealand's version.
MARMITE MOUSE MAT FRESH from an appearance on Dragon's Den, and now with the backing of Dragon James Caan, Motormouse is an innovative and quirky company specialising in iconic and eyecatching computer accessories.