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formerly the basic unit of money in Finland

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By 1990, the combination of a rise in interest rates throughout Europe (following the German reunification) and the increasing risk of a devaluation of the Finnish markka and the Swedish krona led to a surge in interest rates, first stopping and later dramatically reversing the asset price appreciation.
The Finns were split 50-50 on whether to give up their markka.
The markka was introduced in 1865 when Finland was still part of the Russian empire.
The change of doors on 50 aircraft will reportedly cost the airline millions of Finnish markka.
Austrian schillings, Belgian francs, German marks, Finnish markka, French francs, Greek drachma, Irish punts, Italian lire, Luxembourg francs, Netherlands guilders, Portuguese escudos, Spanish pesetas.
1991-99 Slovenian tolar, Croatian dinar, Bosnian convertible markka, Yugoslav new dinar, Macedonian denar, followed by the official adoption of the Deutschmark as parallel currency in Kosovo and Montenegro in 1999.
Privatization and corporate restructuring, reform of the banking sector, devaluation of the Finish markka, public and private sector cost-cutting and entry into the European Union all made a significant contribution to Finland's successful repositioning.
For decades the business cycle of the forest industry seemed to govern the devaluations of the Finnish markka: As the cycle went into its slump, the government was forced to devalue the markka, thus giving some relief to the Finnish forest industry in the world market, helping it regain its competitiveness.
Kesko, the Finnish cooperative is marking all special offers, display windows and till receipts in euros and Markka to attract tourists.
The currencies and monetary operations being merged are the Austrian schilling, Belgian/Luxembourg franc, Dutch guilder, Finnish markka, French franc, German mark, Irish pound, Italian lira, Portuguese escuda, and Spanish peseta.
The 20 million Finnish markka investment will target new technology and products in the company's primary markets of wipes, wallcoverings and coating substrates, as well as roofing and industrial applications, medical and hygiene markets.
According to the International Financial Statistics of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Finnish markka was characterized as the currency pegged to a basket of currencies, whereas the Japanese yen and the U.
While the strong export growth is founded on the sharp depreciation of the markka after the devaluation in 1991 and the termination of the ecu peg in 1992, it should also be noted that Finnish exports have managed to find new markets to replace the collapse of those in Eastern Europe.
The subsequent depreciations in the markka have helped provide an offsetting stimulus.
Even in the farthest reaches of their land are festivals and solid-comfort safaris to ice-fishing and sking, not to mention the chance to squander markka on handicrafts.