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formerly the basic unit of money in Finland

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By 1990, the combination of a rise in interest rates throughout Europe (following the German reunification) and the increasing risk of a devaluation of the Finnish markka and the Swedish krona led to a surge in interest rates, first stopping and later dramatically reversing the asset price appreciation.
At first, to hold the economic boom, the markka was revaluated, but as the tide began to turn this started to feed speculations of devaluation.
Marie Lindfors brought the case after Finnish customs authorities charged her 20,198 Markka (about Euro 3,400) when she went to live permanently in Finland on August 4, 1999.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-11 November 2002-Finnish markka notes and coins remain unexchanged (C)1994-2002 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
Mr Phillips added: ``The old Finnish markka is long gone.
Pasi Lindgren, a power plant worker who paid in euros at a Helsinki grocery, says he won't miss Finland's old money, the markka.
THE markka has symbolised Finland's identity since the times the country was ruled by the Russian tsars
The Finns were split 50-50 on whether to give up their markka.
During the August 1998 financial crisis in Russia, the Finnish markka remained stable against major currencies, whereas the Swedish krona depreciated suddenly and substantially.
The change of doors on 50 aircraft will reportedly cost the airline millions of Finnish markka.
The new policy would reportedly increase the city's costs by several million Finnish markka.
Between 1972 and 1979, each markka reduced total [BOD.
TVO, which operates two of Finland's four reactors, says it would cost between 10-15 billion Markka (Euro 1.
1991-99 Slovenian tolar, Croatian dinar, Bosnian convertible markka, Yugoslav new dinar, Macedonian denar, followed by the official adoption of the Deutschmark as parallel currency in Kosovo and Montenegro in 1999.