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an indelible ink for marking clothes or linens etc

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IPC-4781 defines the criteria for, and method of, obtaining the maximum information about and confidence in legend and marking ink material under evaluation.
The objective of an adhesion test is to determine the amount of force required to separate laminate layers of a substrate coated with a marking ink and cured together in a manner similar to the process used to produce a rubber article.
Leading ink jet innovator Xaar is launching Fast Dry Coding & Marking Ink, designed specifically for use with the XJ128 printhead for coding and marking applications.
a leader in the coding and marking ink segments, as well as a manufacturer of hardware for ink jet applications.
Fabric marking ink,correction pen,envelope size : 9" Eu 4.
Jute Bags 8) Bag Marking Ink & Black polythene sheet 250 micron 9) Feed Pump Spares (KSB make) 10) Boiler Chemical Thermax/ION Exch/BASF 11) Process Chemical 12) Heavy Chemical 13) Anti scalent ION Exchange/Diftech/BASF/CIBA/Chemical System 14) Firewood (Boiler Size) Jandi & Kikar Make 15) Continuous Syrup Sulphitor (MS 2062) as per our drawing 16) Bagacillo/Silt Seperator System (Bagnoclone-S2) from mixed Juice, make: Simon Innovative Engineers.
Rhenomark tyre marking inks are an eco-friendly solution for colour-coding tyres.
Both products can be used for the safe and effective removal of grease, grime and marking inks from composites and metal components.
Vegetables,2 Pulses,3 Fruits,4 Red chillies,5 Eggs,6 Meat,7 Fish,8 Poultry,9 Poultry feeds, 10 Ginger, 11 Turmeric,12 Locally produced ware potato, 13 Locally produced onion, 14 Cereals,15 Products of milling industry,16 Ice, 17 Sugarcane, 18 Salt, 19 Fruit juices, 20 Bread, 21 Nan,22 Chapattis, 23 Sheermal,24 Bun 25 Rusk,26 Agricultural produce of Pakistan not subjected to process of manufacture,27 Milk,28 Yogurt,29 Butter,30 Cream,31 Desi ghee,32 Whey,33 Preparations for infant use, 34 Fat filled milk,35 Colours in sets,36 Writing, drawing and marking inks, 37 Erasers,38 Exercise books,39 Pencil sharpeners,40 Geometry boxes,41 Pens,42 Ball pens,43 Markers and porous tipped pens,44 Pencils Colour pencils and 45 Colour pencils.
Rhenomark aqueous tire tread marking inks are said to ensure that tire blanks and vulcanized tires are instantly identifiable.
According to the notification, the FBR has directed that import and supply of the following goods and their raw materials, packing materials, sub-components, components, sub-assemblies and assemblies imported or purchased locally for the manufacture of the said goods shall be charged to sales tax at the rate of zero percent: Colors in sets, writing, drawing and marking inks, erasers, exercise books, pencil sharpeners, geometry boxes, pens, ball pens, markers and porous tipped pens, pencils including color pencils, milk including flavoured milk, yogurt, cheese, butter, cream, desi ghee, milk and cream, concentrated and added sugar or other sweetening materials, preparations for infant use put up for retail sale, fat filled milk and bicycles.
Sensient also made interesting in-roads with coding and marking inks with a new set of high performance products.
The cleaning process did not damage the soldermask, marking inks, solder joints or components, but was effective in removing the creep corrosion and recovering the hardware (FIGURE 2).
Based on laser-responsive color change chemistry, products include coding and marking inks for on-demand variable information, brand protection and primary packaging markets.
The deal includes Rohm and Haas' soldermasks, legend inks, marking inks and etch resists.