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You'll need rubber stamps with the certification markings.
A number of relatively recent events began to affect both the necessity and methods for marking tire products, including:
The continuous photoluminescent (PL) markings provide an emergency evacuation pathway guidance system and 9/11 survivors reported seeing and following the PL stripes on the stairs, railings and stairwell doors as they made their escape.
We decided that a fast way to get oriented on automated marking technology would be to ask industry associations and seek out U.
So-called "non-aesthetic" applications are estimated to account for some 90% of plastics laser marking today.
JanMohamed has termed the Manichean structures of identity that split colonialist discourse into binary oppositions (61) are rendered inadequate as terms of identification, as ways of marking the condition aboard the Republic.
In order to address these issues, we took a focused approach to parts marking that included the following:
Laser marking has been around for more than a decade (see, for example, PT, May '87, p.