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The new HP Services Marketplace provides a complete environment where operators can broaden their portfolios of services to address the individual business needs and personal lifestyles of their customers.
As another way to create new opportunities for its sellers, eBay today launched the Reseller Marketplace, a private online marketplace for eBay PowerSellers to purchase liquidated and refurbished inventory and excess inventory in lot sizes directly from manufacturers and distributors.
A unique aspect of Ethical Marketplace is that all featured companies are screened by rigorous social, environmental, and ethical auditing standards.
Providers already publishing in the StrikeIron Marketplace include Avalinx, Cdyne, DesertSoft, RealEDA, Relevant Automation, SourceKit, and Xignite, letting them expand their market opportunities, increase their marketing and selling reach, and drive new sources of revenue while eliminating the need to invest in any additional infrastructure.
From the famous deli to the impressive catering, Broadway Marketplace is proud of its unique services.
Acoustica is pleased to be an initial sponsor of the Radio Memories Network through the Kiptronic Podcast Marketplace," said Dave Raimondo, director of sales and business development for Acoustica.
Provides for ISV-built niche solutions that can leverage one, several, or all of the Web services from the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace.
Also released is Contact Xtend, the first of a series of free Ratchet-X plug-ins to integrate with the StrikeIron Marketplace Web Services API.
Sedo, an acronym for "Search Engine for Domain Offers," is the leading online marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites.
Sellers can use the information provided by eBay Marketplace Research to better plan and manage their businesses.
the worldwide leader of Web services commercialization through the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace(TM), today announced the addition of two new publishers who have added lead generation Web services to the expanding Web Services Marketplace.
Marketplace Realities and Risk Management Solutions provides Willis clients with the very latest marketplace intelligence, analysis of headline issues, program design concepts and placement strategies.
The Marketplace offers its customers wonderful ingredients from its seven individually owned shops: Ring Bros.
American Express can now provide its thousands of corporate customers Rearden's unique marketplace for all employee business services, leading to effective management of corporate policies at the point of purchase.