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MACHTEX's aim is to create ideal conditions for demonstrating national products, exchanging professional experience and business organisation, signing new contracts, researching the market and product marketability, and creating joint business on the Kazakhstan market.
This new edition of the classic reference is a three-part text that presents the principles and techniques of market and marketability analysis, illustrates these concepts with case study applications, and explains how the information developed in the appraiser's market analysis contributes to the highest and best use conclusion and the application of the three approaches to value.
In some cases, discounts for minority interests and lack of marketability can be 25% or more (for a recent example of a large family farming operation successfully claiming a 25% discount for lack of marketability and a significant discount for lack of control, see Litchfield v Commissioner, TC Memo 2009-21).
If a discount for lack of marketability were also factored in, the value of the minority owner's shares could be reduced by an additional 50 percent, to $326,666.
The key issue in these cases is the effect of the lack of marketability of remaining lottery prize payments on their value in general and their value as determined using the Sec.
While attention is turned toward the viability of treating the steel scrap extracted from the tire as a viable commodity, some tire recyclers are adding additional equipment that can further improve the marketability of their end products, whether they be steel or rubber.
The new site also carries: the BIZCOMPS ($395) database of transactional information on "Main Street" businesses for the last ten years; FMV Restricted Stock Study ($499), a new tool for quantifying marketability discounts; and, Valuation Advisor's Lack of Marketability Discount Study ($399), a new empirical tool for determining the marketability discount in business valuations.
Full-body shrink-sleeve labels are boosting the marketability of car cleaners and waxes sold by Pennzoil-Quaker State.
The Quantitative Marketability Discount Model (QMDM) was designed to employ the basic discounted cash flow model to value illiquid interests of closely held enterprises in the context of appraisals of the relevant business enterprises.
As we increase the marketability of our players, it increases the marketability of the events.
Flight Deck is typical of self-published books, which are usually written for posterity rather than marketability.
This difference is the dramatically increased share marketability created when a firm becomes tradable in the public market.
It has been argued that the existence of the buyback agreement would increase the lack of marketability by virtue of its existence (even ignoring the establishment of the price).
Your technical ability--such as experience in cost accounting or international transactions--is just one aspect of your overall skill set that affects your marketability.
QA I'm an Information Technology (IT) help-desk operator, and am trying to bolster my marketability and earning power.