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The conveniences of Market Square for the divisions clientele are virtually equal to those of Town Square, Schaumburg Community Services Director Kathleen Tempesta said.
Russell Gunning, KFC operations area coach for Sunderland, said: "I'm so happy that KFC has returned to Market Square and I'm especially proud to be opening my first KFC restaurant as an area coach.
Oktoberfest at Darlington's market square KATIE LUNN
We are keen to hear from anyone near the restaurant or in Market Square who can help our investigation in any way.
Located at 300 Cormorant Place in Frederick, the property will soon be rebranded as The Retreat at Market Square.
Market Square IP provides an innovative solution to IP owners who have made a strategic decision to no longer continue to invest in some of their patent assets be they pending applications or granted patents.
ADECISION is imminent on a major development for a Tyneside town's 18th-century market square.
She attributed that growth to the completion of the Depot Market Square facility in downtown Bellingham, as well as exposure in regional and national media outlets, which also helped increase traffic from out-of-state and Canadian shoppers, she said.
BAGHDAD, July 29 (KUNA) -- Seven Iraqis were killed and 15 others injured in two car-bomb explosions, targeting a market square where construction workers gather, in Kadhimiya district, northern the Iraqi capital, a security source stated on Monday.
Delta Trust & Bank and The Purple Cow have announced that they will open locations in the newly constructed Market Square South building in Conway.
s Market Square Plaza has earned the EPA's ENERGY STAR certification for 2012, signifying that the Harrisburg, Pa.
The bar keeper was burned at the stake in Market Square for heresy in 1612 and spent his final days in the Guildhall cells.
Now extracts from the lyrics will be a major feature of the Selkirkshire town's redeveloped Market Square.
Yesterday, floral tributes and messages e continued to be placed in Huddersfield's Market Square.
It's a typical Saturday afternoon at Market Square in Sudbury with a throng of people strolling casually throughout the indoor facility.