market penetration

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the extent to which a product is recognized and bought by customers in a particular market

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Indication of market penetration is also given in the report.
The study found tremendous variation in market penetration across states.
Best plans to review the administrative, distribution and system efficiencies that State Life expects to receive under the proposed alliance and the impact these items may have on future earnings performance and market penetration.
and domestic market penetration increased in 1991, according to year-end data released today.
In a filing today at the FCC, Covad and XO Communications cite data submitted by Time Warner Cable (TWC) showing that TWC has not achieved market penetration in the residential or business market in the New York MSA that even begins to approach the level of loop-based competition believed present in the Omaha MSA in 2005.
The company is poised to further expand our market penetration in both the U.
We believe that Pelephone's high market penetration will lead to interesting new business opportunities in Israel and the Middle East," said Eberhard Schoneburg, CEO of Artificial Life, Inc.
Specifically, the funding will be used to expand market penetration and enhance MagneMotion's product offerings.
Importantly, this agreement entails a joint marketing effort to increase both DSS and HID's market penetration especially in the global government arena.
NASDAQ:FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced it has received Frost & Sullivan's 2006 Market Penetration Leadership Award.
LOS ANGELES -- bcgi (NASDAQ: BCGI), a leading provider of products and solutions that enable mobile operators and MVNOs worldwide to differentiate their offerings and increase market penetration while reducing costs, today announced that President and CEO E.
We are honored to be recognized by NCTA for our innovation, market penetration, sales growth and employment expansion," said Frank Brick, chairman and CEO, Arsenal Digital Solutions.
Our new P830 and L-series phones have enabled us to gain innovative operator partners like Bakrie Telecom, further diversify our global customer base and increase our market penetration in Indonesia, one of the fastest growing fixed wireless markets in the world.