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a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for marketing

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Another woman I met used a miniature horse and cart to gather produce from her market garden and to offer tours to visiting customers.
If the operation is to be solely confined to a market garden in the 1- to 10-acre range, heavy draft horses may not be required to carry the workload.
In figuring the minimum number of acres that makes a team of heavy horses practical, Ralph adds a market garden of three acres or more to the two acres of pasture, four acres for hay, and three acres for spelt.
As well as the famed market garden project that became known as Heartbreak Hill there was an attempt to begin a modernist furniture industry in East Cleveland.
At several locations on the Mongarlowe field, a number of small market gardens have been identified from mining lease maps and field surveys.
There were a number of other Chinese market gardens located in the region, but only a few were related to mining activity.
32) North of Rankin Springs at Euabalong there were Chinese market gardens and at least one floss house, thus suggesting that there must have been a large camp in that area.
According to the Department of Lands records Ah Chee and Ham Hoyling were the two men listed as originally owning the market gardens at Maclaren's Flat.
Moyle's water race, initially intended for mining activity, also served the Chinese 'who used it for irrigating their extensive market gardens at Central Springs'.
Many more were the preserve of small proprietors whose market gardens occupied less than an acre and were therefore, individually and collectively, ignored by government returns which defined them out of existence.
AT THIS time of year, it's a common sight at market gardens and farms all over the country.
Inmates at Leyhill Prison, Gloucestershire - including those serving life sentences for crimes like murder or rape - are allowed to mix with the public who flock to buy around 250 trees grown at the prison's market garden.
MARKET GARDENS AT HICKORY NUT GAP FARMS Annie Louise & Isaiah Perkinson 1860 Charlotte Hwy, Fairview NC 28730 828-628-3348, anniel@buncombe.