market economy

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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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The USTR brief, which follows a Commerce Department finding in October that China fails the tests for a market economy, argues that China should not automatically be granted market economy by virtue of the expiration of its 2001 accession protocol last year.
In May, its members voted to withhold market economy status from China, amid protests by Europe's steel industry against competition from the east.
Since market economy status is largely a matter of degree, we may ask just how much the United States merits MES.
Tata Steel is deeply concerned about Europe apparently sleepwalking into potentially even greater steel crisis by the granting of market economy status to China," said Tim Morris, head of public affairs at Tata Steel Europe.
Despite this fact the UK government continues to act as a cheerleader for China in Europe regarding their bid for Market Economy Status.
The development of a market economy, both in Eastern Europe and in Asia, entailed encompassing institutional reform.
I think there is no dilemma that our economy, by many features, has been a functional market economy since 2005 when Macedonia was awarded the candidate member state status," says former Finance Minister Nikola Popovski.
A social market economy and European economic monetary union.
It argued that the court's decision "does not put into question the Commission's consistent practices in relation to the assessment of market economy treatment claims presented by companies that operate in non-market economy countries".
Under the Constitution, Afghanistan is following the system of free market economy.
Based on neoclassical economic theory, many scholars have believed that Taiwan's economic breakthrough in the 1960s occurred because Taiwan created a productive market economy.
Bulgarians will work to pay their taxes until April 20 2012, according to the country's Institute for Market Economy.
WTO rules "allow national authorities to take into consideration the non-comparability of costs and prices when the exporting country is not a market economy or where the exporting economy is distorted in some way.
As Europe's struggling economies look to cash-rich China as a possible rescuer, Wen also urged EU leaders to reciprocate by according the country full market economy status ahead of schedule.
The debate of the relative merits of a market economy and a planned economy has a long tradition.