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an economy that relies chiefly on market forces to allocate goods and resources and to determine prices

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Instead, by shifting their focus from older republican virtues of usefulness, honor, and promises to liberal values of entrepreneurship, money, and contracts, Americans created new narratives that blamed failure on individual indiscretions, deceptions, and incompetence rather than the vagaries of the market economy.
In particular, his argument that "a guaranteed minimum income may be achievable only where a functioning market economy has first created an appropriate level of material prosperity" and thus that "this wealth also enables to citizens of free market economies to be guaranteed a subsistence level income to ensure that no one need ever go without the basic essentials of life as a result of a loss of income due to some misfortune or foolishness" (85) is somehow out of tune with the rest of his book.
And Brazil is hardly the only emerging market economy that would seem to have moved towards a convergence path over the past few years.
The "moral capital" of trust is necessary for a market economy to function efficiently, as Fred Hirsch pointed out long ago (1976), and has been reiterated by Fukuyama (1995).
Commerce's methodology for calculating AD duties on nonmarket economy products differs from its market economy approach in that (1) since NME prices are unreliable, it uses price information from surrogate countries, like India, to construct the value of the imported products and (2) it limits eligibility for individual rates to companies that show their export activities are not subject to government control.
Israel's Ministry of Commerce "formally" recognized China as a market economy on November 1, 2005.
The grant called for American organizations to host former Soviet Union scientists and managers from different industries and educate them how to conduct business in a free market economy.
Ropke pointed out that "the ultimate moral support of the market economy lies outside the market.
A market economy is by its very nature, decentralized, flexible, practical, and changeable.
The change from a government-run economy to a market economy resulted in high unemployment and inflation, but recent developments have been positive.
But you can't help thinking the market economy has gone barking mad.
In a little over ten years, Kazakhstan implemented a series of broad-based reforms that brought Kazakhstan from planned to a market economy.
I see his logical connection between greed and capitalism, but I see greed as a personal sin, and I see capitalism as a social mechanism enabling a market economy, not as something inherently sinful.
US negotiators used a "surrogate" market economy country for comparison in disputes, which was often worse for the country charged with dumping.
Like an interdisciplinary food court, Koolhaas's info-rich buffet makes the Blob available to us in bite-size portions by showing how market economy and statistical analysis have "molded our surroundings.