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Synonyms for marker

some conspicuous object used to distinguish or mark something

a writing implement for making a mark

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Write-and-retract detectable marker pens were launched by Detectamet eighteen months ago.
A street sign reading "Scholars Way leading to Pepys Court and Fitzgerald Place" is among those which have been altered in marker pen.
DriMark produces up to 2 million marker pens for the promotional products industry daily.
Warwickshire County Council's Community Safety Team are offering tamperproof property-marking labels, permanent marker pens and a checklist to help protect property left in allotment sheds.
Superstore chains Tesco and Sainsbury's offer parents a voucher for every pounds 10spent to help schools acquire equipment from PCs to marker pens.
A Throw away all your indelible marker pens and so on, as all spirit based ink fades with time.
Pretty soon it will be an offence to carry aerosols, raw eggs and marker pens.
Initially, the bags were manually labeled using marker pens.
Hours would be put into cutting up the card, sorting out the coloured marker pens and thinking up some jazzy slogan to hammer home the point.
Meanwhile, Johnson's signature will extend the rugby star's presence beyond Bic razors to the company's kids' colouring range, marker pens and its Megalighter.
As reported in the Echo last month, Carr, 23, of Corporation Road, Grangetown used marker pens to daub her Spanish signature tags, 'rojo' meaning red and 'muchacha' meaning woman on 11 premises in Cardiff city centre in the space of one day.
Even fundamental packing items and other accessories which are easily forgotten such as wrapping paper, bubblewrap, packing tape, contents labels and marker pens are all available as well as a check list to remind customers about the various tasks required when moving.
Security marker pens to postcode property will also be given out, supplied by the Single Regeneration Project.
Each week, the function room at the club is filled with determined bingo fanatics armed with marker pens, lucky charms and quick wit.
That may seem an unlikely goal for a man who sits down to an interview with a pad and three different colors of marker pens, constantly filling pages with graphs and diagrams--until you notice his faithfulness to the cause, that is: he's using both sides of every sheet.