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He approached, on his side, confidentially, but not too markedly so.
And now we come to the Big Road,' said he, after receiving the compliments of Kim; for the lama was markedly silent.
There was nothing markedly abnormal in any of these conditions, which harmonized with my former experiences.
Powell- -if only her true name; and more of Captain Anthony--if only the fact that he was the son of a delicate erotic poet of a markedly refined and autocratic temperament.
Private sector business optimism strengthened markedly to a 43-month high.
The Interim Guidelines identify "naturally occurring principles/substances and substances that do not have markedly different characteristics compared to what occurs in nature" as examples of laws of nature and natural phenomena, while abstract ideas include "fundamental economic practices, certain methods of organizing human activities, an idea Cyof itself,' and mathematical relationships/formulas.
The image of wagon trains under relentless attack by Native Americans differs markedly, notes Tate (history and Native American studies, U.
The figures shows "performance declined markedly at the Royal Victoria Hospital between October and December, from 21 to 79" people waiting more than 12 hours.
In addition, Icahn had sent a seven-page letter to fellow shareholders explaining why Apple should markedly raise its stock repurchase programme.
Nevertheless, within this relatively short timeframe, eight of the 17 populations were seen to fall markedly in size - some by more than 90% - with only one showing any sign of a rise.
Defending champion BOHERNA BEST stepped up markedly on his first round effort when mastering Ballymac Ruso in their semifinal, and if able to recapture the early pace that saw him dominate the four-bend scene last term, Barrie Draper's dog will be tough to beat.
Summary: The health of the Lockerbie bomber has deteriorated markedly in the past day, according to doctors.
Since then, consumer confidence levels have deteriorated markedly and market conditions have become more challenging.
He said: "The factors supporting business investment through 2006 and 2007 are now waning markedly, and this is being compounded by tighter credit conditions.