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In essence, both are marked, both become images of Cain.
Dwayne Powell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pocahontas Bancorp, stated, "We are very pleased to announce the acquisition of Marked Tree Bancshares and the expansion of the First Community Bank franchise into the Marked Tree, Arkansas area.
The transaction is expected to be structured as a tax free reorganization whereby Marked Tree Bancshares shareholders will receive Pocahontas Bancorp common stock with the actual number of shares to be based on the stated book value per share of Marked Tree Bancshares divided by the stated book value per share of Pocahontas Bancorp, calculated as of the last quarter end prior to closing.
Marking processes go awry; objects move while being marked, laser power settings fluctuate, and dot peens drift out of alignment.
From the onset, fire manufacturing components and products have been marked in some way.
He is marked by the Spirit at his baptism, only to be set on course to his death.
This marked the beginning of our "automated identification" (Auto-ID) project on the JSF program.
Bone from FOBA says almost any plastic can be marked by any type of laser if formulated with the right selection of additives.
After the investigators marked with temporary ink on various parts of the dolphin's bodies, the animals began perusing the marks by positioning themselves in front of mirrors in their enclosure.
475(c)-2 prohibits the use of mark-to-market or lower-of-cost-or-market accounting for any nonfinancial customer paper, unless it is supposed to be marked to market as inventory.
Actual running area is 15 yards marked every 5 yards with lines or cones.
14-16), women become increasingly prominent as they stand in marked contrast to the betraying, sleeping, denying, and fleeing disciples.
A trade mark is used with wares when, at the time that ownership of the wares is transferred, the trade mark is marked on the wares themselves, their packaging, or otherwise closely associated with the wares.
For some time Charles Johnson has been both a marksman and a marked man.