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The game starts this week and over the next 12 weeks, householders wil get a new number each week to mark off on their card.
Just as important is the fact he is still on the same mark off which he won at Beverley last year.
Above we have published 30 co-ordinates - simply mark off the corresponding panels on your grid to claim the cash prize indicated in the prize table.
David O'Meara's likeable filly won at the May meeting off a lowly mark off 74 - but defied a rating 21lb higher in Ripon's richest ever race.
If you are able to mark off all the numbers on any one of the six prize grids during the game, you win the prize above that grid.
Happily, you have another option: You can spend training time before hunting season teaching your retriever to mark off your barrel.
2 : to set apart by a line or boundary <We tried to mark off a baseball diamond.
So mark off your Thursdays and head to the Irish Village for a fix of live music.
Having won the toss, England saw Katey Martin and Aimee Mason share a 109-run opening partnership, passing the three-figure mark off only 89 balls.
Mark off three-inch sections and tie between each three-inch mark with string.
A checklist inside the back cover to mark off dates of toilet training achievements such as "Engineered the #1 engine (pee pee) on the Potty Train for the first time
Clark scored at the four-minute mark off an assist from Aubrie Smith and then recorded her 25th goal with Paletta on the bench, with Dominique Penaranda - who scored in the 31st minute - providing the assist.