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The sample of 377 is further classified into employed= 198 non-employed=179, and marital status (married=196, unmarried=181).
That is, the impact of marital status is not as significant a factor in determining the outcome of the children for the youngest and least educated mothers and the oldest and most educated mothers.
If an individual meets the definition of infertility and otherwise qualifies for coverage, then an issuer must provide coverage regardless of sexual orientation, or marital status or gender identity.
This differs from the prerecession period, when marital status alone seemed to be the key determinant of the time unemployed women with this level of education searched for a job.
OS was estimated using the Kaplan-Meier method, and we analyzed predictors of OS among the 66 men diagnosed with PCa using a multivariable Cox proportional hazards model, which included the variables age, race, marital status, PSA (log-transformed), Gleason score, and CCI.
Being treated as a married couple for federal tax purposes is not necessarily more beneficial for all taxpayers; thus, a couple with an ambiguous marital status should carefully consider the consequences of being treated as married versus being treated as single.
In case requisite documentary proof is not enclosed along with the application, the re-issued passports will continue to reflect the marital status as per entries in the previous passport, irrespective of the change in status of the applicants.
Key Terms: Defining the Intersection Between Marital Status Discrimination and Sexual Orientation Discrimination
The oily garage mechanic filling out an invoice for a semi-floating two-hinge gudgeon pin and the spotty office worker processing water utility bills have both been privy to a woman's marital status.
Only few significant differences have been found based on marital status.
It was hypothesized that parental marital status will have an effect on college students' intimate relationship.
As per available record of NADRA 2774000 persons who were bachelors 8 years before now are married and their marital status has been changed.
HSBC's 2010 Survey of Wealth Management Among Rich Asians Taiwan Hong Kong Average age 43 48 Marital status 88% married with kids 46% married with kids Wealth management Stock, funds, foreign Stock, foreign currency currency deposits deposits, renminbi-based investments Singapore China Average age 44 36 Marital status 64% married with kids 73% married with kids Wealth management Local currency deposits, Stock, foreign currency stock, funds deposits India Average age 38 Marital status 78% married with kids Wealth management Stock, funds, gold Source: HSBC
Results reflect Marital Status as a significant determinant for depression [F (1,133) =21.
Race and Age Marital status is correlated with race, which in turn is associated with party identification.