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a strong-smelling plant from whose dried leaves a number of euphoriant and hallucinogenic drugs are prepared

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Opponents of medical marihuana sometimes say that its advocates are insincere and are only using medicine as a wedge to open the way for recreational use," they write.
Six years before, the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse, appointed by Congress and the Nixon administration, had recommended that the federal government and the states legalize both private possession of marijuana for personal use and casual, nonprofit transfers of the drug in small amounts.
The most successful reformers have been sober, cautious people far removed from pothead stereotypes--people like Harvard's Grinspoon, author of the 1971 book Marihuana Reconsidered.
The following year, the National Commission on Marihuana and Drug Abuse reached broadly similar conclusions: that the dangers of pot had been greatly exaggerated and could not justify punitive treatment of its users.
But, as Grinspoon noted in the 1977 edition of Marihuana Reconsidered, decriminalization is inherently unstable.