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Synonyms for maria

a dark region of considerable extent on the surface of the moon


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valuable timber tree of Panama

References in classic literature ?
Come away at once and help me to tie up some mutton bones in a counterpane," said Anna Maria.
We met him in our morning walk, sir, and Maria introduced him.
Much better, and in extremely good quarters," said George; but, turning quickly to Miss Osgood, he added, "So, Miss Maria, your beau has condescended to walk with you at last?
My dear, if I'd had the naming of you I should have called you Maria of the Soapsuds.
I shall always remember him," said Miss Maria solemnly.
Miss Maria took out her handkerchief and wiped her eyes; but Miss Patty came resolutely back from the regions of sentiment to those of business.
He was choosing to make fun with her, Maria, with whom few made fun these days.
No, Maria," he went on; "Nick and Joe won't have to peddle milk, and all the kids can go to school and wear shoes the whole year round.
And Polly's face changed so beautifully that Fan hugged her on the spot, fervently wishing that Maria Bailey never had been born.
Women like Maria Valenzuela are born once in a hundred years.
He is the more brute therefore," said Maria Valenzuela.
It's a pity Frederick Bullock hadn't some of his modesty, Maria," replies the elder sister, with a toss of he head.
Miss Maria Osborne, it is true, was "attached" to Mr.
Nathaniel Pipkin's heart beat high within him, when he saw this enticing little couple some hundred yards before him one summer's evening, in the very field in which he had many a time strolled about till night-time, and pondered on the beauty of Maria Lobbs.
There was a very snug little party, consisting of Maria Lobbs and her cousin Kate, and three or four romping, good-humoured, rosy-cheeked girls.