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the military governor of a frontier province in medieval Germany

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a German nobleman ranking above a count (corresponding in rank to a British marquess)

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The name refers to its origin as part of the Margraviate (Mark) of Brandenburg.
After securing pledges of support from its ally Ulm, in October 1544 Augsburg's council installed an evangelical preacher named Hans Hess in the vacant parish of Mindelaltheim, a hamlet in the Habsburg Margraviate of Burgau.
Upper and Lower Lusatia, a region between Berlin and Dresden and west of the Oder River, had more Slays than Germans, and the German Margraviate was not as centralized as it was in Meissen-Saxony.
35) As part of the Bohemian Kingdom, the margraviate of Moravia was a land of strong local lords who guarded their religious freedoms against the Empire and often tolerated non-Catholics and non-Utraquists for a number of reasons, including personal religious convictions and the need for colonists to work their estates.