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OUSTED councillor Sam Margrave is urging health chiefs to hold more of their meetings in the north of the county.
Cllr Margrave, who is bidding to win the seat being vacated by Labour's Mick McMahon, is a community worker based in Camp Hill.
Mr Margrave added: "Petitions are all well and good but if people really want to save their post office action is the only way to make that happen.
Sam Margrave, parish community development worker based in Camp Hill, said the church fair at St Mary and St John's had been switched to September 1 to avoid a clash.
The prologue includes the staging of the way from Durlach to Karlsruhe Palace and makes reference to the founding of the city of Karlsruhe from the original margrave seat Durlach.
Licensing committee chairman Cllr Sam Margrave said: "Don't be afraid to ask questions of the company.
Students (from left) Sam Downs, Dean Stokes, Sarah Margrave, Ana Wileman and Matthew Bennett, taking part in one of the team-building exercises.
Worried relatives of Anthony Margrave feared the worst when he failed to return from taking his new bike for a spin.
But next week, in contrast to 60 years ago, some of the Duke's distant German relations will be present - his niece Grand Duchess Princess Margarita of Baden has been invited, as have other family members the Margrave and Margravine of Baden and Prince and Princess Ludwig of Baden.
Bach went easier on the Margrave of Brandenburg, his Brandenburg Concerto no.
4 Margrave of the Marshes is the autobiography of which Merseysider?
MARGRAVE OF THE MARSHES by JOHN PEEL WITH SHEILA RAVENSCROFT: YOU could depend on John Peel not to do anything in a predictable way -and his posthumous autobiography carries that on.
Top music book was the John Peel biography Margrave Of The Marshes.