margin of safety

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the margin required in order to insure safety

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In the most realistic scenario for food-grade titanium dioxide, the margin of safety for high-consuming children (the most exposed population) would be 150, but for most scenarios the margins were several times higher.
Once you find a great business selling at a good price with a satisfactory margin of safety, don't panic if the stock price drops after you buy.
Breakeven and margin of safety are both part of a cost-volume-profit analysis, which means that we have to make some basic assumptions in order to perform and interpret our calculations.
On the left side, the margin of safety for the position is the length of the left main bronchus (LMB) over which a left sided tracheobronchial (double-lumen) tube can be moved in the bronchus without obstructing the airway.
Engineers control risk by designing equipment with a margin of safety.
In addition, it also provides an extra distance or margin of safety from the face of the dock.
Increased [vehicle] weight worsens handling, and deteriorates acceleration and passing ability which reduce the margin of safety in overtaking and highway maneuvers.
The Safe Drinking Water Act requires that the health-based standard be set at a level to prevent any known or anticipated adverse health effect, with an adequate margin of safety.
If we buy stock below a company's intrinsic value, we get an automatic margin of safety.
Since a margin of safety is built into many automotive applications, this body of information is allowing insert molders to get moderate density reductions while minimizing adverse effects on part performance.
With IMRT we were able to give ourselves a big margin of safety, and keep the cord dose below known tolerances.
In fact, our surgical assistants have made its use routine, Not only do we enjoy an increased margin of safety between the Mayo tray and the patient, there is also more room to pass the electrocautery connection, the suction tubing, and laser control lines.