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small spotted wildcat found from Texas to Brazil

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One margay cat was found dead; possibly killed on the road, at the margins of the BR-472 road, in the city of Uruguaiana (29[degrees] 45' 18" S 57[degrees] 05' 16" W), situated in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
Abundance and activity patterns of the margay (Leopardus wiedii) at a mid-elevation site in the eastern Andes of Ecuador.
Hair-snare survey to assess distribution of margay (Leopardus wiedii) inhabiting El Cielo Biosphere Reserve, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Los subgeneros considerados fueron: subgenero Leopardus o verdaderos ocelotes (descrita por Gray, 1842) con una especie -Leopardus pardalis- y nueve subespecies; subgenero Margay (descrito por Gray, 1869), con dos especies Margay tigrina y Margay glaucula con tres y dos subespecies, respectivamente; subgenero Oncilla (descrito por Thomas y redescrito por Allen) con tres especies, Oncilla pardinoides con cinco subespecies, Oncilla causencis y Oncilla guttula con dos subespecies; subgenero Noctifelis (Severtzow, 1858) con una especie, Noctifelis guigna; subgenero Oncifelis (Severtzow, 1858) con tres especies Oncifelis geoffroyi, O.
Geoffroy) Murcielaguito plateado Myotis nigricans (Schinz) Murcielago negruzco comun Myotis riparius (Handley) Murcielaguito acanelado Myotis simus (Thomas) Murcielago vespertino aterciopelado Carnivora Felidae Leopardus pardalis (Linnaeus) Ocelote, Tigrillo, Gato onza Leopardus wiedii (Schinz) Huamburushu, Margay Puma concolor (Linnaeus) Puma, Leon Puma yagouaroundi (E.
She is a half-sister to two winners out of Michael Grassick's German 1,000 Guineas runner-up Margay.
The facility's Feline Conservation Center houses more than 60 wild cats, ranging from the diminutive margay to jaguars, leopards and tigers, and also breeds wild cats for propagating rare species.
His application under the Dangerous and Wild Animals Act also sought to keep other wild cats including an ocelot and a margay, which is similar to an ocelot.
His application under the Dangerous and Wild Animals Act also requests permission to keep other wild cats, including an ocelot and margay, Southwark Council said.
Mr Dalton, 30, who sells foods made from exotic animal ingredients on the net, has built three cages and wants to keep a rare clouded leopard, plus big cats ocelot and margay.
In the section on smaller cats the reader is introduced to some species they may never have heard of before: kodkod, pallas' cat, oncilla, clouded leopard of Asia, the jaguarundi and the margay.
It sold jaguar cubs, anacondas, margay cats and ocelots, aoudads and addaxes, baboons, pangolins, gibbons, adolescent elephants--importing wholesale stuff for zoos to a warehouse in New Jersey.