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a spread made chiefly from vegetable oils and used as a substitute for butter

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The Global Margarine Industry Report 2015 is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the margarine industry.
Procurement Procedure Consists in the Acquisition of - Food: Lot 1 - Eggs, Lot 2 - Refined (Halva with Cacao, Halva Simple, Refined Sunflower Oil) Lot 3 - Margarine (Margarine Spreadable Margarine Package) Lot 4 - Rice, Lot 5 - Soft Drinks (Mineral Water, Juice Neacidulat).
First, organogels must be tested to determine if they are suitable for incorporation into margarine.
Make the filling by creaming together the sugar and margarine.
If so, no wonder Douglas the little Lurpak man had taken to the trombone to offset his isolation and lack of suitable margarine marriage material.
Republican Dale Kooyenga goes on to point out that serving oleo in the lockups would save money, because butter costs three times more than margarine.
The patients consumed, on average, nearly 19 grams of margarine per day, which resulted in additional intakes of 226 mg of EPA combined with 150 mg of DHA, 1.
VanA-deA-moorA-teA-le's margarine & fat division, which generated last year a revenue of EUR 450 million (USD 536m), will grow in size by one-third following the acquisition.
These days, most tub margarines have little or no trans.
In 1950, courts ruled that each province should have jurisdiction over the selling of margarine, which prompted a variety of regulations across the country.
The thesis by University of Otago research fellow Dr Reremoana Theodore, calls for further research into margarine and says children from disadvantaged families could be most at risk as margarine is often cheaper than other spreads.
Frying in the home when using margarine is now safer for consumers with the launch of EmulfluidTM SE, a new fluid lecithin product developed by Cargill's texturizing business.
The city of Los Angeles has a lot more dire problems than margarine,'' California Restaurant Association President Jot Condie said Tuesday.