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Synonyms for marchland

the line or area separating geopolitical units

Synonyms for marchland

district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area

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Marchlands has all the signs of a typical ITV drama - from the samey sounding soundtrack to the uninspired story.
TV roles include Doctors, Marchlands and the hugely-acclaimed Broadchurch
SH LIGHTFIELDS 12 As the follow-up to the 2011 drama Marchlands, Lightfields misses the spark that made its predecessor so gripping.
HAS Lightfields (ITV1, 9pm) been different enough to its predecessor, Marchlands, to hold everyone''s interest?
A couple of years ago she appeared in Marchlands as a woman whose daughter had drowned.
If you liked 2011's spine-chiller Marchlands, don't miss this new five-part supernatural drama.
Simon has found a bold and authored way to approach the format that inspired Marchlands for us,' says executive producer Kate Lewis.
1 REMEMBER the supernatural drama Marchlands, shown two years ago?
The vet said: "The problem of wild horses being sold is something which goes on in the marchlands of the Danube delta, particularly the Tulcea district.
MARCHLANDS (2011): Another eerie drama that centred around a missing child, Marchlands followed three families who lived in the same house during the Sixties, the Eighties and the present day.
15pm) A FEW weeks ago, ITV1 broadcast Marchlands, a drama set in the same house over a number of decades, featuring family secrets brought to the fore.
THURSDAY SUNDAY Marchlands ITV1, 9pm The Promise Channel 4, 9pm Actress of the moment Claire Foy - star of Upstairs Downstairs, Little Dorrit and Season of the Witch - stars in Peter Kosminsky's latest weighty drama.
But now Ray has corked his heavy drinking, ditched his knuckleduster and turned into a loving dad Eddie Maynard for the new ITV1 drama Marchlands.
Among his other projects are The Ambassador, Bob Martin, Hornblower, Holby City, Bleak House, Robin Hood, Enid, Just William, Marchlands and New Tricks.
REMEMBER Marchlands - ITV's fab supernatural drama from a couple of years ago?