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a hairdo characterized by deep regular waves that are made by a heated curling iron

make a marcel in a woman's hair

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Create the Marcel wave starting at the top of your hair right above your forehead.
From Hollywood starlet Cupid Stunt to punk Sid Snot, soul preacher Brother Lee Love and French hairdresser Marcel Wave, Kenny Everett's OTT characters are the stuff of legend.
2 Sid Snot, Marcel Wave and Captain Kremmen were the creations of which comedy star?
If the inconsistencies are ironed out, his act may yet work--the central roles are very convincing, and with a smile as tight as her marcel wave, Albrecht's fiancee Bathilde (Jane Haworth) looks every inch the Eurotrash royal, with her eye on the main chance and the photographer from Hello
We used a single Marcel wave on dry hair and lightly misted with Shu Uemura Extreme Urushi, pounds 22, to create this beautifully sculptured look.
Russell Brand, Chris Moyles and Leigh Francis talk about growing up watching him, while Michael Parkinson, Billy Connolly and Chris Tarrant share their memories of the man and his characters like Cupid Stunt, Sid Snot and Marcel Wave.
It features many of his infamous and outrageous creations, such as Sid Snott, Marcel Wave, Angry of Mayfair and the cartoon adventures of Captain Kremmen.
But although the new breed of foams, gels, waxes and sprays may be a long way from the rigidity of the Marcel wave, they can still leave your locks feeling sticky.
Now there's a chance to see old favourites, zany voices and surreal names such as Cupid Stunt, Gizzard Puke, Sid Snot, Marcel Wave and Angry of Mayfair.