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a hairdo characterized by deep regular waves that are made by a heated curling iron

make a marcel in a woman's hair

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The back-and-forth pattern will create the Marcel waves.
This was the show that brought some of TV's most memorable characters to awful life, so the world met the appalling Sid Snot, leather-clad biker, the hideous hairdresser Marcel Wave and the Aussie boozer Bruce Droop (Bruce/brewers, geddit?
Highlights include the star's impersonations of all three Bee Gees and it is another chance to meet crazy characters such as Marcel Wave, Sid Snott and the voluptuous Cupid Stunt.
His farming couple may not actually have existed--the artist's dentist and sister, who in real life had hair set in fashionable Marcel waves, modelled for it--but they're emblematic of the old survivors: farmers who loved their land and fatherland.
Long before we saw Lea Seydoux sporting her loose Marcel waves for James Bond, Leisa was creating glass-like pin waves for clients, the hot look of the season.
History Repeated is a collection which fuses period references with vintage "worn-in" and well- loved hair, from Pre-Raphaelite lengths romantically tucked behind ears with flirting wisps, 1920s Marcel waves tumbling loosely around the neck line with lived-in feel, to regal and rolled "faux bobs" with strong centre partings.
The Kenny Everett Video Show, written by Barry Cryer,Ray Cameron and Everett, was to introduce characters such as Sid Snot (thecigarette-catching biker), Marcel Waves (the ludicrous Frenchman) and Cupid Stunt (of the inflated breasts, who did everything ``in the best possible taste'').
The very latest Marcel waves could be created - a style that become hugely popular in the 1920s.
The back and forth pattern will create the Marcel waves.