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Synonyms for marauding

Synonyms for marauding

characterized by plundering or pillaging or marauding

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It involved first responders from the emergency services dealing with a marauding terrorist firearms attack and resolving a siege situation involving a large number of hostages.
He said: "We've had vehicles surrounded by marauding mobs, opening doors, cutting trailers.
zombies were marauding across Brum as part of a huge game called 2.
He has really brought an added energy and impact to Everton's appeal, and showed how strong his match fitness is with another marauding display against Alex McLeish's side.
BRITONS arriving home after fleeing escalating violence in Egypt described Cairo as being like a war zone with marauding thugs and escaped prisoners terrorising the streets.
NO one was safe from the marauding Tim Harrington, not even the guy playing the fruit machine at the back of Oran Mor, as Les Savy Fav's larger-than-life singer took every chance to get among the crowd.
Aided by old friend Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Alice heads for Los Angeles and a supposed safe haven from the marauding undead.
The WAGS have been told that the marauding apes at the exclusive Sun City resort where they are set to stay during the World Cup are powerful enough to break in and smash up rooms.
MAXIMO PARK singer Paul Smith has revealed the surprise guests on the band's new record - marauding mice.
Tanzania and Kenya have joined forces to protect East African waters from marauding Somali pirates.
A flooded Australian town was warned to be alert for marauding crocodiles swimming its streets yesterday.
A disappointing display from Geordan Murphy, whose wing yielded three tries to the marauding Vincent Clerc, could see the Leicester back axed.
But it seems Bareknuckle Paul and the Marauding Pict defied all the stereotypes to reach a grown-up compromise (involving a return to the overnight system for all but the major meetings) that frustrated all lovers of needless violence and spilled claret.
It is often viewed as an entomological take on the Wilis of Giselle, but one wonders if there isn't a shadow subject: the HUAC's marauding MeCarthyites and their hunted victims.
They told him that anti-social crime by marauding bands of youngsters was the biggest problem in many areas.