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the making of maps and charts

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The mapmaking powers aren't completely about the leaders maintaining numerical control of their respective chambers -- although building in lots of extra partisan cushion with gerrymandering is most certainly right at the top.
If the courts conclude, after all of the appeals have ended, that the state intentionally discriminated in its mapmaking or, in another ongoing case, in changing its voter ID laws, preclearance is one possible remedy.
This beautiful volume weaves "word" and "image" in a rich tapestry that offers insight about the history of China, Jesuit missionary activity, and the art and science of mapmaking.
TomToms new transactional mapmaking platform brings great advantages in efficiencies and minimises the time between detecting changes in the real-world and updating the map on an end-users device.
The Thales GeoMaker solution is also a re-branding, but probably closer to higher-end American or Israeli capabilities though; it combines high-grade geospatial exploitation references (delivered to the French MoD military mapmaking or cruise missile mission planning for example) with strategic and tri-service imint systems.
This is pertinent to female cartographers as for centuries many lacked formal training in mapmaking, and entered their profession because of a hankering or capacity for travel, or collected maps and loved globes as a child.
She befriends an other-worldly boy, Trotham, whose mapmaking leads them into danger.
Renaissance mapmaking is the topic of the best chapter-no surprise, given Brotton's background.
It's communal mapmaking, turning boaters into bees.
We also believe that this game-changing evolution in mapmaking should be available to more businesses and more people around the world - it should expand beyond cars and beyond Nokia devices," he added.
It includes subjects as diverse as painting, sculpture, engineering, botany, mapmaking and anatomy.
PERSONAL GEOGRAPHIES: EXPLORATIONS IN MIXED-MEDIA MAPMAKING provides over twenty mixed-media map projects featuring a range of techniques and providing a gallery of maps by contributors from around the world.
They include lesson plans, discussion tips, and writing, mapmaking, storytelling, scientific observation, and other activities.
The display spans all of Da Vinci's interests, from painting and sculpture to engineering, botany, mapmaking, hydraulics and anatomy.
The exhibition has been selected to show the scope of Da Vinci's interests: painting and sculpture, engineering, botany, mapmaking, hydraulics and anatomy.