maple sugar

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sugar made from the sap of the sugar maple tree

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The sap-house, built in those early days, still stands and still is used each spring when the sap runs from the tapped trees and is made into the most delicious maple syrup and maple sugar.
The maple sugar season is the first harbinger of spring in New England, which started in March and continues this month.
Learned academic by day, and by night, secret reader of holiday brochures and eater of maple sugar candy, planning how the three of us would meet in Miami, happy family reunited - father, mother, child, against a backdrop of blue sky and pounding surf of course.
Maple syrup is also made into maple sugar, maple candy, and maple cream.
Market value and volume for sugar by type (raw sugar beet, raw sugar cane, refined sugar, maple sugar, other sugar)
Interpreters will cook period foods by the hearth and historians will discuss maple sugar in history.
The all-organic breakfast, donated entirely by OTA members, featured organic products from New England farms, including eggs from Pete & Gerry's and maple syrup and maple sugar from Coombs Family Farms.
Quality maple sugar production is a source of great pride for Canadians, said Serge Beaulieu, President of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers.
As the sap is boiled down concentrating the maple sugar level, it tends to foam and could overflow the pan.
Washington Bed and Breakfast, Shelburne; and Cranmore Inn, North Conway: All packages include accommodations, daily breakfasts featuring maple products, maple-themed dinners, and tickets to a self-guided tour of the inns where maple sugar sampling will take place.
That sounds like a lot of space, but the essays in this slim volume are not so much expansive as personal, about how easy and cheap it is to make maple sugar candy ("Sugaring on $15 a Year") or how instructive to try and heat one's home primarily with woodstoves ("The Year We Really Heated with Wood").
Maple crystals or maple sugar - dehydrated maple granules, which are twice as sweet as white sugar and more flavorful - are also used.
We face the loss of our spectacular fan colors and the end of fall-foliage tourism, as well as the destruction of our region's maple sugar industry," they said.
We found enough trees in the three acres of woods around our house for a "sugarbush," as forests managed for maple sugar production are called.
In spring the island's sugar shacks come alive as maple sugar begins to boil.