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2]O Maple, reinforce the Company's position as a leader in the maple industry.
Many people prefer a lighter syrup on pancakes and waffles, but chefs generally gravitate toward a darker, more robust maple syrup when cooking with it or using it with savory foods.
In 2010, The Ontario-based International Maple Syrup Institute, a trade group with members in Canada and the U.
Event is Part of Statewide Tour by The Ohio Maple Producers Association
This transaction constitutes the liquidity event of Maple Leaf 2011 LP.
Pacific coast maple, the largest maple species in North America and second most abundant hardwood species in the Northwest, is so named because its range extends from Southern California to British Columbia.
Maple Infusions candy is made with pure and natural maple sugar from the forests of Eastern Canada.
Born in San Diego, California, in September 1920, Maple was fifteen years old when he graduated from high school, first in his class.
Maple is an all-Canadian consortium that includes four major banks, five pension funds and four other major investors.
Pacific Coast maple is used for many of the classic applications for hardwoods, such as cabinets, furniture, mouldings and flooring.
Brown Family Farm Maple Mustards come in two flavors: Vermont Maple Mustard, a coarse variety of mustard blended with smooth maple, and Horseradish Maple Mustard, a mellow maple matched with horseradish.
So maybe something as simple as some backyard boiled maple syrup can eventually seep into the public consciousness.
syrup-producing region, scientists say the sugar maple is now in decline and, with it, an entire industry and its traditions.
Her earliest and fondest childhood recollections are of a seasonal ritual in the maple bush, where she would pitch in to help her father produce maple syrup in the family business.
The campus of Maple Knoll Village, a Cincinnati, Ohio, CCRC that is part of the LifeSphere family of services, is home to WMKV 89.