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Aapla Manus is a thought provoking film that will move the viewers and question perspectives.
On Manus Island, the Australian guards, they hate me because I am a refugee.
What is happening on Manus Island is deeply concerning to many Canberrans.
30, there were still 1,111 people in regional detention, with 742 at Manus and 369 on Nauru.
Manus has always been a huge supporter of the RPMDA.
com for further information, including examples of manus applications from previous years.
Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on Thursday stood by the government's policy ruling out settling the detainees in a third country, casting doubt over the fate of the remaining 850 refugees on Manus and 500 in Nauru.
I stumbled into a toxic abusive relationship triggered by fear and intimidation," Manus said.
The birth of little Manus is evidence - if any is needed - that evil cannot and will never win and goodness will always triumph.
Manus couldn't believe his ears when he found himself talking with the Russian cosmonaut.
Ajay Devgn on Sunday announced the title of his maiden Marathi production venture, Aapla Manus.
The comments mark the first official timetable for when the United States will begin resettling up to 1,250 people held inAustralian-run centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus island as part of a refugee swap deal struck by former US President Barack Obama late last year.
Margaret McCauley was only 15 when she saw her friend Manus Deery, also 15, gunned down dead in Derry in 1972.
Today I held productive discussions on the future of the Regional Processing Centre on Manus Island with Prime Minister the Hon.
Papua New Guinea's Supreme Court Tuesday ordered Australia to present a resettlement plan for the 898 asylum seekers held in what it has said is an illegal detention center on Manus island--a move detainees fear will further delay their release.