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Synonyms for manure

Synonyms for manure

any animal or plant material used to fertilize land especially animal excreta usually with litter material

spread manure, as for fertilization


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Specific knowledge of appropriate population densities of cowpea for green manuring in the derived savannah ecological zone of Nigeria is imperative.
To determine and prescribe an optimum cowpea population for green manuring in maize production systems in the derived savannah ecological zone of Nigeria.
Results obtained in both 2009 and 2010 suggest that planting at populations as high as 160,000 and 111,111 plants/ha of cowpea varieties Drum and Oloyin, respectively for the purpose of green manuring was superior in terms of total biomass produced to planting at lower or even at higher populations of each variety used in this study.
The two chapters that focus on medieval England adopt a combined text-based and archaeological perspective which recognises manuring and middens in place names as well as supplying cultural and economic perspectives on the subject.
Chapter 11 by Hamish Forbes resumes the perennial debate concerning Mediterranean sherd scatters by harnessing ethnographic data from the Greek peninsula of Methana to disentangle how low-density sherd scatters might be interpreted as indicators of ancient manuring.
In the storage, dormancy period in Nwaopoko extended when organic manure was applied than when no manuring or NPK fertilizer was used (Table 4).
Statistical differences were not detected in all cases of manuring treatment although rotting appeared less where no fertilizer or organic manure was applied.
The subject of manuring was brought to my attention during a study of Middle and Late Bronze Age fields near the town of Haarlem, in the Netherlands.
Manuring with mud was common practice in the Netherlands until quite recently (cf.