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Synonyms for manumit

Synonyms for manumit

free from slavery or servitude


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It is permitted to enslave someone after a battle, but it is meritorious to manumit a slave.
A letter from the wary Crown, dated 1683, requested information about the Catholic lay brotherhood of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe dos Homens Pardos (Mulattos of the Our Lady of Guadalupe), based in Olinda, which collected donations to manumit all mulatto men and women who "could not bear their enslavement" because their fathers were veterans who had fought against the Dutch.
Robert did not manumit his daughter as his father had manumitted him.
When Adams offered parishioners his own consolation for the moment when "death shall manumit and set free our soules from the prison of the body," he described the separation as an unambiguous good (1619, 5).
Those plans fit as well with the momentous step that he finally took when he drafted his will in 1797: to manumit all the slaves who were his own property upon his widow's death.
His trail goes somewhat cold for the next few years, but at one point he apparently attempted to defraud the abolitionist Lewis Tappan by accepting financial inducement to manumit his slaves.
42) In the 1920s, with such foreign influence having subsided, Britain was able to become more proactive, and on occasion the Royal Navy shelled the forts of rulers who refused to manumit slaves.
The cynicism of these commentators with respect to white cinematic production leads logically to the call for black-produced cinema that would exploit film's "radical potential to manumit the black image from the shackles of blackface minstrelsy" (54).
A major reason he did so, the author suspects, was the decision of Martha not to manumit her own half-sister, the mulatto Ann Dandridge, when the Washington and Custis families were united in marriage in 1759.
As followers of Swedenborg, Harrison's family were among the first Virginians to manumit their slaves, and yet, they hired replacement slaves to work as servants.
Stable Micro Systems discontinued the sales of its Manumit Powder Rheometer due to patent conflicts with Freeman Technology.
The offer of Irish Quakers to contribute to a fund to manumit Douglass invites students to consider the question of whether purchasing a slave's freedom is a tacit acknowledgment of the legal right to own a human being.
In Connecticut, though the slaveholder's right to manumit was not established by statute, the norm was so powerful that Connecticut courts recognized it as a common-law right.
The ManUmit Powder Rheometer measures the flow properties not only of powders and granules such as flour, cocoa powder and sugar, but also wet mixtures.