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Synonyms for manumission

Synonyms for manumission

the state of not being in confinement or servitude

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the formal act of freeing from slavery

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This article first discusses the phenomenon of manumission in the Caribbean and in Suriname.
So, 15 years after I pranced around in a choirgirl outfit "working" as a Manumission entertainer, I booked my first trip back to see how the island had changed.
The history we are about to unveil is thus one of manumission, "self-rescue", and freedman agency.
My days at Manumission in Ibiza stick out the most.
With: Toni Gustinell, DJ Alfredo, Manel Aragones, Ricardo Urgell, Mike Manumission, Claire Manumission, Rico "Ricoloop" Diessner, Arian Beheshti, Nuwella Love, Alvaro Sanchez Cocero, Cristian Varela, Lovely Laura.
Promoters have promised the nights will have the theatricality of Manumission and the hyperactivity of La Troya complete with pyrotechnics and confetti on the roof terrace.
Specifically, this article focuses on manumission from the perspectives of slaveholders and of the women whom they held in bondage.
The bars such as Cafe Del Mar Ibiza on San Antonio beach and clubs such as Manumission just outside of San Antonio are renowned.
Freed by Joseph Clemetson, the white slave master who owned her and the three "mulatto" children she had with him--James, Richard and Robert--Nancy decided to use her liberty and the money given her as part of her emancipation, or manumission, to become a slave master, as did other black and coloured people who had once been slaves.
Clarke, a Brit and Ivor Novello award-winner, is a DJ and was resident at the Manumission nightclub in Ibiza from 1997 to 1999.
18) A second important duty of the Father of the Christians related to recording the manumission of slaves in Goa based on their conversion to the Catholic faith.
LEGENDARY nightclub Manumission changed venues for the first time on Friday after a dispute with the owners.
In Maryland and Delaware "apprenticeship" had been used in conjunction with widespread voluntary manumission in the 1790s and early 1800s as a device to retain social control of young African Americans, and before the Civil War poor free black parents in the South often had their children bound without consent.
Each show will, of course, have a very special Manumission twist.
Firstly, Kea, like others, focuses on the omission of an explicit plea for manumission where I place emphasis on what is explicit.