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a large house trailer that can be connected to utilities and can be parked in one place and used as permanent housing

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Founded in 1988, RHP Properties, specializes in the acquisition and professional management of manufactured home communities, and is the nation's largest privately-held owner and operator.
We believe this potentially stems from the lack of clarity in the CFPB Loan Originator rules which prevents manufactured home retailers from providing consumers with essential information relative to making informed housing choices.
In conjunction with the release of Form 70B, Freddie said it was revising its appraiser qualification requirements for manufactured homes.
And since the fall of 1999, 92 manufactured retailers have left the market in Arkansas, according to the Arkansas Manufactured Home Commission.
In 1999, only 9 percent of the manufactured home owners were African American and 4 percent were Hispanic.
Improper installation is thought to cause many of the problems and defects that are reported in manufactured homes.
As a result, the average cost of a manufactured home will, on average, rise 3 percent annually through 2001, somewhat below the projected 4 percent projected increase in the costs of conventional housing.
MHI data shows that the average manufactured home has 1,300 square feet, three bedrooms, and costs roughly $38,000 (not including the land costs).
American Integrity Insurance Company announced today that it is reducing its rates by an average of 10 percent statewide for customers who live in manufactured homes that are 10 years or newer in certain non- coastal Florida regions.
You can find the Mike Linton Team's Central Florida Manufactured Home website athttp://www.
Markel's Manufactured Home Program, which has long offered competitive rates for insuring manufactured homes, has enhanced the program with the following additions:
By adding the Manufactured Home tool to SwiftEstimator, Marshall & Swift gives users online access to manufactured housing information approved by Fannie Mae for all manufactured home mortgage applications.
Recent legislative initiatives in states with a concentration of manufactured home parks have focused on the rights of the homeowners who are tenants in these parks.
The statute said if a manufactured home was permanently affixed to the structure, then it was real property.
Consider the following fact: One of every three single-family homes sold in the United States is a manufactured home.
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