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gaseous mixture produced by distillation of bituminous coal and used for heating and lighting

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After abandoning low quality manufactured gas, PGN began to deliver cleaner gas to Cirebon in 1974, followed by other areas, such as Jakarta in 1979, Bogor in 1980, Medan in 1985, Surabaya in 1994 and Palembang in 1996.
Figure 13: Household penetration of manufactured gas, natural gas and LPG in Japan, 1900 to 2013.
Mind you, the site was home to a manufactured gas plant that operated there from 1870 to 1969.
Some of them are suspected of supplying fuel materials to the five firms and illegally storing manufactured gas oil for them, the police said.
Instead, having long been frustrated by the lack of "definitive answers to real questions about site and waste characterization and remedial engineering of manufactured gas plants" (his words, from the introduction), he devoted 13 years to visiting and studying more than 900 coal-tar sites in North America and Britain.
Demolition of the former manufactured gas plant was completed in 1975, but residuals from those operations have seeped below the ground surface.
A manufactured gas plant site in Columbus, Georgia, was the location of an environmental cleanup in 1992.
After abandoning low quality manufactured gas, PGN started to deliver cleaner gas to Cirebon in 1974, followed by other areas, such as Jakarta in 1979, Bogor in 1980, Medan in 1985, Surabaya in 1994 and Palembang in 1996.
During the second quarter VeruTEK began implementing four such field projects, including remediation of subsurface coal tar at former two manufactured gas plant sites; oils at a paper company; and chlorinated solvents, and legacy MTBE from gasoline and other petroleum products from historical spills from underground tanks.
The agreement covers complete repair, overhaul and technical site assistance for QAFCO's Rolls Royce manufactured gas turbines.
Atmos Energy used Open-path Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy -- dubbed the eye that never sleeps -- to monitor air quality during a month-long remediation of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site.
The increase is also being driven by spending increases associated with a federally mandated pipeline inspection program, the costs of cleaning up a retired manufactured gas facility in Fort Collins, and the costs associated with retiring the Leyden natural gas storage facility.
Minnegasco's most expensive and costly clean-up, the Former Minneapolis Gas Works manufactured gas plant site near I-35W and the Mississippi River, is substantially complete.
My primary goal at Atlanta Gas Light is to work closely with the various regulatory agencies and other interest groups in cleaning up the manufactured gas plant sites in a responsible and cost-effective manner.
Highway 2) that contained a manufactured gas plant from 1885 to 1947, a portion of the Wisconsin Central Limited Railroad corridor, and Kreher Park, which was built upon wood waste from lumber mills that ceased operating in the early 1930's.
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