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gaseous mixture produced by distillation of bituminous coal and used for heating and lighting

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designing, managing, and overseeing implementation of remedial alternatives for manufactured gas plant projects; and as a Director at Blasland Bouck & Lee, Inc.
The former facility manufactured gas that was used for lighting, heating and cooking producing byproducts that are considered hazardous waste.
By the end of 1974 Britain had entirely converted to North Sea Gas, which was safer than the old, manufactured gas The last place to be converted in Wales was the village of Nantymoel.
PGN was given the monopoly to develop and distribute natural and manufactured gas domestically.
Instead, having long been frustrated by the lack of "definitive answers to real questions about site and waste characterization and remedial engineering of manufactured gas plants" (his words, from the introduction), he devoted 13 years to visiting and studying more than 900 coal-tar sites in North America and Britain.
PECO Energy Company, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), a US-based company that markets electricity and natural gas, has announced completion of cleanup of two former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites in Montgomery County, US for recreational and residential development.
They have fasteners to ISO standards and are suitable for both natural and manufactured gas, giving a gas pressure lift where needed.
The company used Open-path Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy dubbed the eye that never sleeps--to monitor air quality during a month-long remediation of a former manufactured gas plant (MFG) site.
Waples, a corporate communication manager for a natural gas company, describes how natural gas displaced the manufactured gas industry, how Standard Oil expanded its network through the region in response to the rapidly expanding market, and how the Appalachian natural gas industry is using new resources in the southwestern US and the Gulf of Mexico.
Some of them are suspected of supplying fuel materials to the five firms and illegally storing manufactured gas oil for them, the police said.
Owned by Entergy Gulf States, the former manufactured gas plant is contaminated with tar.
Gaseba Uruguay manages one of the world's last manufactured gas factories in Montevideo.
The natural gas industry is relatively young compared with the other energy industries, coal, electricity, oil or manufactured gas.
For more than 180 years, an industrial park along the creek was used for hat manufacturing, textile dyeing, manufactured gas plant operations, metal plating, ammunition production, chemical manufacturing and other activities.
The City is seeking construction management and inspection services for the Oronoco dredging and capping project, which purpose is to remediate environmental impacts from coal tar-related substances released from the former Alexandria Town Gas Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site.
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