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the upper part of the breastbone

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There is a broad variation in the severity of this deformity, ranging from a simple notch in the mucosa to complete cleavage of the lower lip involving the tongue, chin, mandible, neck, and manubrium sterni.
It must have no connection with the manubrium sterni, thus distinguishing a cervical rib from rudimentary first rib.
6 presents the numerical TM with perforation in the direction of manubrium.
In neutral position radiographs, the plumb line dropped from the basion to the posterior to the manubrium (Figure 6).
A midline, longitudinal incision was made, extending from manubrium sterni to lower abdomen.
0%) had a local recurrence (axillary, infraclavicular, supraclavicular, inframammary, manubrium, chest wall, or sternum).
Manubrium broad, filling most of subumbrella cavity, mouth simple.
The medial or sternal end is quadrangular and articulates with the clavicular notch of the manubrium sterni to form the sternoclavicular joint.
This is the basic mechanism for transfer of captured prey from a tentacle to the manubrium, which hangs from the roof of the subumbrellar cavity (Larson, 1976).
Specific marker sites were right and left temples, right and left zygomatic bones, right and left lateral sides of acromions, manubrium of sternum and inferior part of sternum (sternal body), 7th cervical spinous process (C7), 6th and 12th thoracic spinous process (T6, T12), 2nd and 4th lumbar spinous process (L2, L4), sacrum (S2), right and left posterior and anterior superior iliac spines, both the greater trochanters, clusters of markers for right and left thigh segments, both the lateral and medial femoral epicondyles in the right and left, right and left lateral and medial sides of tibial condyles, right and left tibial tuberosities, cluster of markers for shanks, right and left malleoli, both the heels (LHEEL, RHEEL) and 1st and 5th metatarsal bones in the right and left.
The superior aspect of the manubrium separates the extrathoracic and intrathoracic portions of the trachea.
These analyzed specimens of Gonionemus have: around a 10 mm width, four radial channels, a manubrium shorter than the umbrella cavity, a mouth with four lips slightly crenulated, four folded gonads along radial channels leaving the distal part free, between 40 and 44 hollow tentacles, each tentacle has ring-like nematocyst clusters and adhesive pads near the distal end, and one or two statocysts between successive tentacles enclosed in mesoglea near ring canal with a single endodermal club.
ECG was recorded at the manubrium, lower left rib and neck using electrodes with stud connector 35x45 mm (Spes Medica S.