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Jonson's antimaterialism is traced through his images of manual laborers, especially blacksmiths and the god Vulcan, in several masques and poems, including The Gypsies Metaphorphos'd and "An Execration upon Vulcan.
Voter Vojislav Grujovic, a stocky manual laborer in his 50s, declined to say who he had chosen on Sunday.
I transformed myself physically to achieve the physique of Christ, who was a carpenter, a manual laborer.
Subhas Yadav was a manual laborer working in an ice candy factory.
She developed her interest a few years ago while working on construction projects as a manual laborer.
According to the New York Post, he was last seen shoveling bird "guano" as a manual laborer in the Caribbean.
Disguised as a manual laborer in a blue coat and an orange vest, Kessler goes stalking through the urban streetscape, installing speakers and microphones or rolling some three-quarters of a mile of electrical cable through the streets of the city, as he did not so long ago for Akademiekabel (Academy Cable), 2004, his thesis project at the Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna.
When metalworker Louis-Marie Jacobert married Julie Melanie Maillot, for example, in Saint-Nazaire in June of 1896, their witnesses included the bride's brother-in-law, a sailor, and three friends from the city--a water carrier, a musician, and a manual laborer.
Parambil was working as a manual laborer in a construction company in Khamis Mushayt at a worksite in Barak, about 150kms away.
Nearly half work at construction sites on Jeju as manual laborers, the office said.
Fishing folk, farmers and other manual laborers who remain outdoors for prolonged periods of time are at great risk from UV radiation.
and manual laborers and clerks walking miles to work long hours on docks and in offices.
The DOF said the Philippines also stood to benefit from the AIIB in terms of increased jobs for Filipino contractors, manual laborers and professionals who would have more opportunities for projects not only in the Philippines but also abroad; reduced trade costs of about 15.
This new plant type, with synchronous maturity, is also suitable for combine harvesting and thus does not require manual laborers for harvesting and threshing.
But what about the middle management and manual laborers who live on their salaries from month to month?