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This included the following: improving the conditions of poor children must come through education; schools should be connected with the home life of its students; manual labor of the students could help pay for their education; and traditional school subjects could be better taught when connected with the training for skilled or unskilled labor.
The FiberSort machine is designed for MRFs that use manual labor to dean up newspaper coming off a mechanical screening system (OCC and ONP screens), according to Felix Hottenstein of MSS.
With over 750 offices nationwide and in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Puerto Rico, Labor Ready is the premier intermediary, marketer, manager, and profiteer in the world of light industrial manual labor.
All have benefited from the industrial revolution which began in the 18th century and saw the gradual replacement of manual labor by machine.
The 240-plate-per-hour (120 double-page plates) exposure unit loads up to 1,250 plates from a skid or trolley and automatically de-leafs plates using air jets, reducing manual labor and risk of plate damage.
Sent to study the conditions of the working class in Marseilles, he took a job as a dock worker--the poorest-paying manual labor available--a job at which he worked for 12 years.
The jobs include picking up trash along freeways, clearing drains, painting, and cleaning up courthouses and other public buildings - all work involving some manual labor, the sheriff said.
This massively detailed effort decodes and details the "wide spectrum of views" Americans held about manual labor in the first half of the nineteenth century (18).
Glickstein examines the debate among ministers, factory owners, politicians, labor radicals, and newspaper editors about the character and meaning of manual labor in the United States in the years before the Civil War.
This is a disruptive process to the traditional and widely accepted method of employing manual labor.
The system removes the core of a roll automatically, reducing manual labor substantially.
Though her discussion in this chapter is brief, it provides a valuable antidote to earlier portrayals of medieval Islam as hostile to manual labor.
At the same time, it underscores the difference between Hobbs' painstaking manual labor and the abstracting process of mechanical reproduction.
Labor Ready is an international provider of temporary employees for manual labor, light industrial and skilled construction trades, operating under the brand names of Labor Ready, Labour Ready, Workforce, Spartan Staffing, and CLP Resources.
Several homeless persons were given a choice of performing manual labor or remaining in jail, without being charged with any offense nor found to have committed any offense.