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This included the following: improving the conditions of poor children must come through education; schools should be connected with the home life of its students; manual labor of the students could help pay for their education; and traditional school subjects could be better taught when connected with the training for skilled or unskilled labor.
While engaging, the subsequent chapters on the Mechanics' Institute Movement and the Manual Labor School Movements are more original contributions.
The court held that the Fourth Amendment rights of the homeless persons who were allegedly wrongfully detained were further violated when jailers ordered them to perform manual labor or risk continued confinement, before they were charged with or found guilty of the commission of a crime.
The Obesity Tourism Strategy "wants to bring in obese tourists from overseas so that they can shed pounds doing manual labor on land seized from white farmers, reports The Sunday Times of London.
As our culture becomes ever more complex and cerebral, manual labor is undervalued and taking time off during our days to hike a trail or go biking is all too rare a pleasure.
The spectacle announced contemporary society's uneasy distance from manual labor, even while such activity humanizes anonymous forms of work.
These cells significantly reduced manual labor, resolved ergonomic issues of noise, dust and physical concern for employees and significantly improved consistency of castings as these computer controlled cells are repeatable and uniform.
s Tornado is a washer-disinfector for cleaning and disinfecting bedpans, urinals, and other contaminated receptacles without manual labor, The Tornado helps to minimiz the spread of Clostridium difficile and other harmful bacteria associated with washing bedpans.
The FiberSort machine is designed for MRFs that use manual labor to dean up newspaper coming off a mechanical screening system (OCC and ONP screens), according to Felix Hottenstein of MSS.
With over 750 offices nationwide and in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Puerto Rico, Labor Ready is the premier intermediary, marketer, manager, and profiteer in the world of light industrial manual labor.
All have benefited from the industrial revolution which began in the 18th century and saw the gradual replacement of manual labor by machine.
The 240-plate-per-hour (120 double-page plates) exposure unit loads up to 1,250 plates from a skid or trolley and automatically de-leafs plates using air jets, reducing manual labor and risk of plate damage.
Sent to study the conditions of the working class in Marseilles, he took a job as a dock worker--the poorest-paying manual labor available--a job at which he worked for 12 years.
The jobs include picking up trash along freeways, clearing drains, painting, and cleaning up courthouses and other public buildings - all work involving some manual labor, the sheriff said.
This massively detailed effort decodes and details the "wide spectrum of views" Americans held about manual labor in the first half of the nineteenth century (18).