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adroitness in using the hands

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Although manual dexterity exams, letters of recommendation and interviews are variables used by dental hygiene programs for admissions decisions, there is no dental hygiene literature available to relate these variables to NBDHE and clinic licensure exam scores.
Encourages manual dexterity and the learning of cause and effect.
Damascus, SANA -- The Louvre Museum in Paris contains a plenty of unique Syrian archeological artifacts distinguished for their historical period back in time, manufacture substances and manual dexterity.
But Federoff raises the expectations of his program from simply providing peace, to providing manual dexterity and self-esteem in addition to the mental well-being.
The other section describes five illustrative theories, among them manual dexterity, guilt and pride, and willingness and style of inter-ethnic social exchanges.
Anyhow, other than the manual dexterity required to nock an arrow and get it on the rest quickly, James had little trouble handling the left-handed scene.
Even if you are functionally limited by age-related sight impairment, or your manual dexterity is affected by arthritis, you can still take part--computer keyboards are available with larger, more widely spaced keys and bigger letters.
Outcome measures of activity performance included four performance-based measures: the Modified Box and Block Test of Manual Dexterity (BB) [18-20], the Jebsen-Taylor Hand Function Test (JTHF) [21], the Activities Measure for Upper-Limb Amputees (AM-ULA) [22], the University of New Brunswick Test of Prosthetic Function for Unilateral Amputees (UNB) [23]; and two self-report measures: the Upper-Extremity Functional Scale (UEFS) from the Orthotics and Prosthetics Users Survey [24-25] and the Patient-Specific Functional Scale (PSFS) [26].
Gen Suwa, an anthropologist from the University of Tokyo Museum, have overturned the common assumption that manual dexterity evolved after the development of bipedal locomotion freed hominid hands to use fingers for tool manipulation.
The research suggests that the hands and arms of upright hominins were then left free to develop increased manual dexterity and tool use, supporting a further key stage in the evolutionary story.
The main birth control considerations for women with SCI are issues regarding manual dexterity, diminished sensation and the side effects of hormones.
Skills include basic computer use (pointing and clicking), manual dexterity to remove stickers, ability to lift books from shelves to cart and attention to detail.
This new technology is transforming cataract surgery from less of an art, heavily dependent on individual manual dexterity, to more of a science," Dr.
It involved manual dexterity as well as concentration and, above everything else, patience.
The exclusion criteria were if patient had taken antibiotic or underwent dental prophylaxis one month prior to the inclusion in the study, pregnant and lactating females, those with grossly neglected oral hygiene, who use other plaque removing methods and with any physical abnormality limiting manual dexterity.